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If you reside in a colder region, heating costs might account for a significant portion of your power expenditures. According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), an average home spends $581 on natural gas, $1,520 on heating oil, $1,338 on propane, and $1,174 on electricity.

Energy-efficient space heaters help you save money on heating bills and help the environment by reducing your home’s overall carbon footprint.

To assist you in selecting the finest heater for your house, we’ve analyzed some of the top models available and prepared an in-depth buyer’s guide to provide you with all the information you need.

The Top Energy-efficient Space Heaters On The Market

There are a variety of various space heaters on the market, each with a unique technology and fuel source. We’ve included evaluations of as many variants on the energy-efficient space heater topic as possible to provide you with the most possibilities.

1. Our Top Pick: Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

Dyson already has a good reputation for manufacturing high-quality items, and the AM09 is no exception.

The AM09 instantly projects hot air into the room using breakthrough Air Multiplier technology and does it without the need for exposed heating sources.

The AM09 has a remote control, a sleep timer, and an intelligent thermostat with several settings for use in a variety of conditions. The AM09 actively monitors the room and ensures that the temperature remains stable without wasting electricity.

The space-age design is tall and slender, which makes it easy to stow or store away when not in use. If the AM09 is accidentally tipped over, it immediately shuts off.

When summer arrives, the AM09 doubles as an efficient cooling fan.

What we enjoy:

Energy-efficient – The AM09’s sophisticated thermostat ensures that no energy is wasted.

When the weather gets warmer, the AM09 may be utilized to keep you cool.

Safe — Because the AM09 has no rotating fan blades or exposed heating elements, it is perfect for families with small children and pets.

What we dislike: 

The appearance – The AM09’s futuristic appearance and metallic colors will not appeal to everyone or in every context.

The Dyson AM09 Fan Heater’s compact size, energy efficiency, and versatility make it our top selection for the finest energy efficient space heater.

2. Runner-up: Vornado VMH500 Whole Room Metal Heater 

The Vornado VMH500 follows closely behind the Dyson AM09. As with the AM09, the Vornado has an innovative heating technology, this time utilizing a patented airflow dubbed Vortex Action to efficiently heat an entire area.

Additionally, the Vornado includes an energy-efficient intelligent thermostat that maintains stable room temperatures without wasting electricity. While the Vornado has a front fan, its housing remains cool to the touch and it shuts down automatically if it overheats or is turned over.

The Vornado’s tiny body offers an easy-to-read digital display on the front, top-mounted push-button controls, and unobtrusive cord storage on the back. Additionally, it has a complete five-year warranty.

What we like: 

Safety first – If the Vornado detects excessive heat or is turned over, it immediately shuts off.

Effective heating – Whole Space Vortex Heat Circulation warms a room rapidly and effectively.

Simple to operate — The Vornado’s push-button controls and front-mounted display make it simple to operate and monitor.

What we don’t like: 

Loud – According to some reports, the Vornado’s front-mounted fan may be extremely loud.

The Vornado offers many of the same capabilities and benefits as the AM09, but with a much more classic design that may appeal to some customers more than the space-age Dyson.

3. Best budget: Amazon Basics Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater

For those on a budget who want a heater, the Amazon Basics Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater is an excellent option.

This heater has a two-stage heating technique. It is particularly energy-efficient due to the combination of a quartz tube and a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology. Additionally, it features an eco-mode to maximize energy savings.

The heater’s four infrared heating elements have a power level of 750W or 1500W and can heat a room with a 9-foot ceiling as long as it is less than 1000 square feet. The heater is regulated by an electronic thermostat that may be adjusted and an easy-to-read LED display. Additionally, for safety purposes, if the heater detects excessive heat, it will immediately shut down.

Despite its Amazon Basics status, this heater features attractive wood paneling on the exterior and is backed by Amazon’s 1-year limited guarantee.

What we like: 

The appearance — Despite its low price, the Amazon Basics heater features some quite appealing wooden paneling.

Dual heating system – This model’s energy efficiency is enhanced by the combination of the quartz tube and Positive Temperature Coefficient heating systems.

Eco-mode — The Amazon Basics heater includes an Eco-mode setting for increased energy savings.

What we dislike: 

The text is difficult to read – While the front-panel controls are intuitive to operate, they are tiny enough that they are difficult to read from any distance.

The Amazon Basics Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater is an affordable and energy-efficient option for people on a budget, and its aesthetically beautiful wood veneer is an additional plus.

4. Best infrared: Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater

Apart from the overly dramatic name, the Heat Storm is a fantastic portable infrared warmer. The Heat Storm’s 5200 BTU output makes it excellent for a modest room or home office. Two power modes are available: full 1,500 watts and energy-efficient 750 watts.

A patented heat exchanger system combines the heat output and the room’s humidity to give gentle, safe heat without lowering oxygen or humidity levels. When in operation, the whole device, including the front grill, remains cold to the touch.

Temperature management is accomplished using a front-mounted LED screen that clearly displays the ambient temperature.

The Heat Storm’s placement adaptability is one of its main features, as it has both a wall mounting bracket and detachable feet. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty covers the entire machine.

What we like: 

Simple to read — The big front-mounted LED screen makes it simple to determine the room’s ambient temperature.

Simple to install — The heater itself is tiny and comes with the option of placing it on the floor or on the wall.

What we don’t like: 

Wifi is an additional expense — There is a WiFi-enabled version of the Heat Storm, but it is an additional cost and does not include feet.

The Heat Storm is compact, portable, and easy to install in space due to its revolutionary heat exchanger technology.

5. Best oil-filled: De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater

The oil-filled space heater by De’Longhi boasts a permanently sealed oil reservoir that requires no refilling. The revolutionary, high-quality steel exterior has a proprietary thermal hole design that increases heat transmission into the room while keeping the surface temperature low.

On the front, big analog buttons make it simple to change the thermostat, select from the varied heat settings, and program the 24-hour programmable timer. Additionally, there is an anti-freeze mode that activates the device automatically when the temperature falls below 44°F.

The heater generates 5120 BTUs of heat and features an eco-mode that automatically changes the heater’s heat and power settings for the most pleasant and affordable heat. If the machine does begin to overheat, the thermal cutoff feature activates to shut it down automatically.

What we like: 

A 24-hour programmable timer ensures that the device turns on precisely when you want it to. This is an excellent way to pre-heat a space.

The De’Longhi generates 1500 watts (5120 BTUs) of power without being excessively huge or bulky.

What we don’t like:

The wheels – While the De’Longhi comes equipped with castors, some consumers may prefer a less mobile heater, particularly in homes with children.

Economical and well-built, the De’Longhi design features a unique thermal slot design that adds 25% more radiant surface area to help heat rooms faster and more efficiently.

6. Best panel heater: De’Longhi Convection Panel Heater

The De’Longhi Convection Panel Heater is slim and discreet, utilizing proprietary HI-FI technology and a dual fan system to improve heat distribution across space.

Despite being only three inches thick, the device produces 5120 BTUs of heating output, which is sufficient to heat a 300 square foot room comfortably. To conserve energy, the ECO feature adjusts the heat and power settings automatically to maintain a constant temperature without wasting heat.

Digital controls and an LED display allow you to adjust the thermostat, timer, and several heat levels. The De’Longhi includes several built-in safety features, including a thermal cutoff and tip-over sensor for further fire protection, as well as an anti-freeze setting to assist prevent pipes from freezing.

What We Like: 

The De’Longhi Convection Panel Heater is slimline at just three inches thick.

This machine is loaded with features, including a thermal cutoff, a tip-over sensor, an anti-freeze setting, and a programmed timer.

Excellent aesthetics — Sleek and matt black, the De’Longhi fits seamlessly into any environment.

What We Don’t Like:

The display – The De’Longhi’s LED display is situated on the side of the device, which makes it difficult to see when installed on the wall.

If you’re searching for a powerful slimline panel heater with an abundance of features and safety measures, the De’Longhi Convection Panel Heater may be the answer.

7. Best Wall Plugin: Minetom Wall Outlet Electric Space Heater

If you’re searching for a really portable heater that can be used to heat any room that does not have an electrical outlet, the Minetom Wall Outlet Electric Space Heater is an excellent solution.

With dimensions of 4.3 x 2.8 x 6.5 inches, the Minetom can be plugged into even the tiniest areas and easily put into a backpack or carry-on luggage. The back plug rotates up to 180 degrees to aid with installation.

The digital thermostat features a range of 60°F to 90°F, and despite its compact size, the unit is capable of heating a 100 square foot area. The Minetom’s outside surface remains cold to the touch throughout the operation.

The ambient temperature is displayed on the front-mounted LED display, and the unit has a twelve-hour timer. The fan operates at around 44.8 decibels, which is incredibly quiet.

What we like: 

The Minetom is highly portable, measuring just 4.3 x 2.8 x 6.5 inches.

Programmable timer — The item includes a 12-hour timer that can be programmed in one-hour increments.

Quiet — The unit’s fan operates at 44.8 decibels, making it extremely quiet.

What we don’t like: 

The absence of a thermal cutout – While this is unsurprising on such a small model, for some consumers, the absence of a thermal cutout might pose a safety risk.

The Minetom Wall Outlet Electric Space Heater is the only heater on this list that is pocket-sized. Despite this, the machine can still heat a 100-square-foot room comfortably.

8. Best Wall Mounted: EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel

As the name implies, the EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel is extremely energy efficient. It consumes less than 0.6 KW/HR, or less than a third of the energy used by traditional space heaters. This low-energy heater has the potential to save you up to 50% on your home heating expense.

The EconoHome is designed to heat rooms up to 200 square feet and measures 24 x 36 x.40 inches. It is constructed of a superior calcium silicate substance that resists breaking.

The panel is thermostatically regulated and includes a reflector panel for installation behind the unit. For further safety, the device is triple-insulated and equipped with an overheat protection shut-off mechanism. The panel’s outside may be painted to coordinate with your décor.

What we like: 

The EconoHome is extremely thin — it measures just.40 of an inch thick.

Extremely efficient – The device consumes just 0.6 KW/HR and is capable of heating areas up to 200 square feet.

While the exterior surface is only available in white, the crack-resistant outer surface may be painted to match the rest of your home.

What we don’t like:

We dislike the analog controllers – The extremely simple control scheme makes use of a thermostat integrated into the plug and has very few additional features.

If you’re looking for the most compact space heater imaginable, the EconoHome is your best bet. Additionally, it has the advantage of being extremely efficient, allowing you to save up to 50% on your heating bills.

9. Best Portable: Dodocool Small Space Heater

If you’re looking for a little portable warmer, the Dodocool Small Space Heater is great. The gadget generates heat with a ceramic PTC element that quickly begins heating the space.

As you might expect from a portable heater, the Dodocool automatically shuts off when tilted or when the inside temperature exceeds 50°C (122°F). Additionally, it features an integrated handle for convenient transportation.

The machine emits only 45dB and features a configurable timer with 1/2/3/6 hour increments. When the weather warms up, you may double the utility of the heater by using it as a fan.

What we like: 

Safe – The item includes an integrated tilt sensor and a thermal cutoff for further protection.

Quiet — The unit’s modest fan produces just 45dB of noise.

What we don’t like: 

The Dodocool lacks a thermostat and merely has an on/off switch.

If you’re looking for a little, portable space warmer that’s easy to carry, the Dodocool Small Space Heater checks all those boxes.

10. Best Oscillating: TaoTronics PTC Space Heater

If swiftly heating a room is a priority when selecting a space heater, the TaoTronics PTC should be high on your list. Due to the 1500 watts of power, the ceramic heating element heats up to 70°F in just three seconds.

The device oscillates up to 65 degrees from side to side, thereby increasing overall heat dispersion by up to 20% without consuming more energy. Three heating settings are available: hot, low, and eco for maximum efficiency.

A 12-hour programmed timer ensures that the heater is turned on precisely when you need it, and can be operated using the provided remote control.

When Eco mode is selected, the heater automatically alternates between High (1500W) and Low (900W) modes in order to conserve energy.

Additionally, the device is extremely safe to use, since it is ETL certified and has an overheat protection sensor, a 24-hour auto-off feature, and a tip-over switch. Additionally, the outside shell is constructed from V-0 flame-retardant material.

What we enjoy:

Rapid heating — With 1500 watts of electricity, the machine reached 70°F in less than three seconds.

Extra safe — The device is ETL certified and has a tip-over sensor in addition to overheating prevention.

Efficient design– The oscillating design efficiently distributes heat by 20% without consuming more energy.

What we don’t like: 

Limited placement possibilities — In order to fully benefit from the additional oscillation, the heater must be positioned in an unobstructed area.

The TaoTronics PTC Space Heater is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a heater that heats a space rapidly and effectively and can function securely unattended.

How To Choose The Most Appropriate Space Heater For Your Requirements?

After going through some of the top space heaters available, we’ll go deeper into the differences between the various heating systems and the features to look for.

Space heaters are available in a variety of designs.

As you may have noticed from the reviews above, heating technology comes in a variety of varieties. You’ll need to understand how they function before you can choose between them.

Heaters That Emit Infrared Light

Infrared heaters generate infrared radiation that is focused in a certain direction. When the radiation comes into touch with an item, it warms it. This implies that infrared heaters are best utilized for direct or spot heating, which requires directing them at a specific target.

These kinds of heaters are frequently utilized in commercial and industrial environments, as well as garages. While the heat quickly dissipates after the heater is switched off, infrared heaters are more energy efficient since they expel 100% of the heat they generate with little to no heat loss during the transmission.

Oil-filled heaters

Oil-filled heaters resemble standard water-filled radiators and operate on a similar principle. Internal oil reservoirs are heated in an oxygen-free container to prevent them from igniting. The heated oil then radiates heat into the room via the metal.

Once the oil is heated, it maintains its temperature for a lengthy period of time. This implies that oil-filled heaters do not need to be continuously on to generate heat. Oil-filled heaters equipped with a thermostat utilize electricity just to heat the oil initially and then cut off when the oil reaches a preset temperature, making them extremely efficient.

The disadvantage of oil-filled heaters is that they do not efficiently project heat, making them more suitable for smaller spaces.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters operate by delivering an electrical current through a ceramic heating element that is capable of reaching extremely high temperatures. The ceramic element’s heat is subsequently spread around the room via a fan.

Ceramic heaters account for the great majority of space heaters due to their ease of use, rapid heat-up time, and energy efficiency.

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters work by pulling air from under the device. The air then flows through a heating element and returns to the room as warmed air via the unit’s top.

In comparison to radiated heat, such as that produced by a ceramic or oil-filled radiator, convection heaters distribute heat more uniformly and remove less moisture from the air. However, they frequently heat a space more slowly than other types of heaters.

How To Use Your Space Heater Safely And Efficiently?

While many space heaters are quite energy-efficient and hence environmentally beneficial, there are a few more actions you can take to maximise their efficiency:

Turn Down Central Heating Before Use

If you’re utilizing a space heater to provide targeted heat in a specific area, turn down your central heating system prior to using it. Not only will it be inefficient to have two heating systems running in the same space, but it will also be difficult to maintain a consistent temperature.

Heat Only One Room At A Time, When A Boost Is Needed

One of the most efficient ways to utilize a space heater is to place it in a room that you anticipate remaining in for an extended length of time and then switch off your central heating. This may be a garage, man cave, recreation space, or home office.

Heating a single room is always more efficient than heating a whole house. Radiant heaters, particularly oil-filled heaters, do not require a constant operation to provide heat, making them even more efficient.

Use Your Space Heater At A Low Temperature

The overwhelming majority of space heaters will have a low-temperature setting, often about 750 watts. This setting is more than sufficient to immediately produce heat in a modest room. Maintaining this lower setting on your space heater improves your energy use.

Choose A Model With Safety And Efficiency Features

As is the case with any type of heating system, you’ll want to prefer units equipped with modern safety measures. These include tip-over sensors that prevent the unit from tipping over and thermal cutouts that prevent the device from overheating.

Numerous versions will also have energy-efficient features. Eco-modes, intelligent thermostats, and active temperature controls are a few examples. These methods minimize the amount of heat and energy lost by the unity, so increasing its efficiency and hence its environmental friendliness.

Certain WiFi-connected gadgets also enable you to monitor the energy use and output of your heater. This data enables you to optimize when and how you use your heater.


To ensure you have all of the necessary knowledge, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most often asked questions concerning space heaters and their efficiency.

What Is The Most Efficient Type Of Space Heater?

Regrettably, there is no simple solution to this issue. The efficiency of a heater varies between models and is dependent on the conditions in which it is utilized. All electric heaters are regarded to be 100 percent efficient, as they convert all of the power they consume to heat.

Additional energy-saving features, such as eco-modes, can help make a heater more efficient. Although oil-filled radiators have the lowest cost per kilowatt-hour on our list, this is only one factor.

Ultimately, all heaters will be more efficient if they are operated properly, as mentioned above.

Are you interested in learning more about home heating solutions? Check out our piece on the four most energy-efficient methods of heating a house.

Are Space Heaters Safe?

Any heating method has a degree of danger. However, space heaters provide significantly fewer dangers than any open flame. By utilizing a space heater appropriately, the danger associated with it can be mitigated:

  • Maintain a minimum distance of three feet between your heater and combustible things such as drapes, furniture, or bedding.
  • Avoid placing your heater on top of furniture or concealing it in any way.
  • Keep an eye out for high-traffic areas and always position your power wire in such a manner that it cannot be easily tripped over or knocked free.
  • As is the case with all electrical equipment, avoid allowing your space heater to come into contact with water and avoid touching an electric heater when wet.
  • Avoid leaving your space heater unattended for extended periods of time or leaving it on while you sleep.
  • Always disconnect a space heater after using it.

Where Should I Put My Space Heater?

Space heaters are most effective for heating a limited area. The majority of the heaters on our list are intended for use in spaces of between 100 and 200 square feet. You’ll get the most out of your space heater if you avoid attempting to heat a large area with it.

When it comes to a precise location, keep your heater at least three feet away from combustible things and away from anything you don’t want to fade over time.

  • Radiant heaters may be installed in any location in a room.
  • Convection heaters require more air circulation to operate well.
  • Infrared heaters must be directed directly towards the object being heated, including oneself.

Is It OK To Leave A Space Heater On All Night?

Generally, no. You should never leave any type of heater alone. If, on the other hand, a space heater is your main source of heat in really cold weather, you may decrease the danger slightly by purchasing a model equipped with a thermal cutoff, tilt sensor, and programmable timer.

The thermal cutoff and tilt sensor keep you safe, while the programmable timer allows you to design your heater to turn on and off at intervals rather than continually.

Do Space Heaters Use A Lot Of Electricity?

A 1500-watt space heater consumes around $100 in power per month if it is used for eight hours each day. As a result, they are an extremely energy-intensive solution to operate continually. It is worth noting, however, that space heater are not intended to be permanent heating systems.

They are most effective when used in brief bursts to heat smaller rooms rather than when used to heat a whole house via central heating. In these instances, a space heater is a more cost-effective option.

The Best Energy-efficient Space Heater

A space heater is a great and energy-efficient way to warm a place that lacks heating or that requires less warmth than a whole house.

We love the Dyson AM09 for its variety of functions, remarkable energy efficiency, and high build quality. However, we’ve included a number of additional solutions that may be more appropriate for your particular situation.

If you want to know how to fix the solar lights, we have curated an article for that. Give it a read. 


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