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We believe biodiesel is the future.

We believe that biodiesel is a sleeping giant because the Sun blankets the Earth with solar energy every single day. That’s a lot of opportunity for trapping a significant chunk of this amazing and unlimited of power source power into a form that is renewable.

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Another great thing about biodiesel is that all sorts of cooking oil and food oil can be recycled into biodiesel. Food oil, in particular is quite promising because there are all sorts of food oils that go bad. They turn rancid, or they don’t taste right. Well, your diesel engine doesn’t really care what the oil tastes like. As long as it burns a certain way, your diesel engine can use it, and accordingly, there are just tons of used oil that can be recycled and turned into mechanical energy.

There’s a tremendous opportunity there. Unfortunately, the distribution networks in the United States and elsewhere have not developed the economy of scale, as well as an interlocking network of supply chains to capture as much of this wasted food oil as possible.

The great thing about biodiesel is that it can actually be sourced from both plants and animals. Pig lard, for example, is made from pork rendering, either from cracklings or pig skin that is fried, can be processed to turn a diesel engine.

It’s all about effective recycling, and we hope that by presenting this information, industrial players can be inspired to turn what would otherwise be waste food oil into a viable source of natural renewable energy.

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Custom Crops

We also feature hybrids of plants.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Let’s be clear. We are 100% against genetically modified organisms. We don’t feature any type of GMO crop on this website.

With that said, we are very big on hybridization, meaning you take the same species, and you find many different combinations within the species to produce organisms that yield way more oil that can be processed efficiently and cheaply into biodiesel. That’s what we’re about.

We’re all about spreading the word about sustained custom crops that have been bred specifically for oil production. This is in line with our dedication to sustainability. By planting custom bred crops that maximize oil production, we make our environment more sustainable.

We also maximize the oil yield per hectare or acre of land planted by farmers, and this benefits everyone all around. The more efficient diesel oil crops become, the more commercially attractive it is. This can lead to a tipping point where biodiesel becomes cheaper and more economically feasible than fossil fuels. We hope this happens sooner rather than later.

Admittedly, we’re still many years away from that point, but hopefully, through websites like gobluesun.com, which evangelize the need and the technology behind biodiesels, we will get to that tipping point as soon as possible.

The bottom line is that the greater the popular demand, the more economically feasible it is. This website is our own little contribution to making the day of biodiesel fuels economic feasibility arrive at last.

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New Directions

Finally, we have a section on new directions in biodiesel. We understand that this is one field where technology drives development, and as a result, we feature articles involving plant species that may be possible sources of biodiesel.

One of the most promising is algae. Since algae tend to grow explosively, occupy a large space and absorb a tremendous amount of sunlight efficiently, there have been a lot of scientific developments in identifying high-fat, high-oil algae species, as well as processing technologies that reduce the cost of turning seaweed into biodiesel.

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