This Toilet Brush and Plunger Combo Is a Must-Have for Every Tiny Apartment



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If there’s an item every bathroom should have, it’s a plunger. Not only for your own needs, but also to avoid embarrassing situations when guests come over. But it can be awkward to try to store both; it isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing to store a plunger on the floor with a brush sitting next to it, especially in a small space. That isn’t the bathroom vibe you’re going for when you host a dinner party or have guests stay overnight. When we were hunting for a solution to this problem, we stumbled upon a product that allows you to store both in a more subtle way. The MR.SIGA toilet plunger and bowl brush combo on Amazon is pretty sleek, functional, and even cost effective.

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This ingenious 2-in-1 product is a fan-favorite on Amazon thanks to its compact form and high functionality. Its plastic base houses a plunger in front, as well as a toilet brush right above it. Combined, these two lavatory essentials take up way less space than they would if you were to buy them separately. You can use the brush daily and feel safe knowing you also have a plunger right next to it should your toilet become clogged. And right now, the duo is on sale for just $22!

Even with its smart design, this product still works as well as any ordinary brush or plunger, as evidenced by more than 32,000 five-star Amazon ratings. “I cannot express enough how great this plunger is,” one reviewer delighted. “It works like a charm every time I need it, and it has not let me down!!” Another person wrote, “I purchased this set to replace a really frustrating set in the guest bath. The old one, while it looked cool, was super hard to get the brush out of. This one is straightforward (and) easy. Lift, use, rinse, and replace. NO hassles.”

Customers say the brush, too, is sturdy and allows for thorough daily cleanups. Additionally, the MR.SIGA combo comes in either black or white, and the brush and plunger remain covered and discreet when not in use. Most importantly, though, owning one of these handy combos certainly beats having to call a plumber.


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