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The Koti apartment, designed by Studio Hi Atelier, is a stunning example of how to combine functionality with a sense of warmth and comfort, all while incorporating ecofriendly and ethno or retro elements. Located in Kiev, Ukraine, the apartment has a minimalist aesthetic that is punctuated by colorful accents and natural materials. Like the dance of the four elements air, water, fire, and earth the design concept offers a kaleidoscope of beautiful features, notes form the past and views from the future.

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One of the characteristic features of the apartment is its open-plan living area, structured by custom- build wooden elements and flooded with natural light thanks to a vast wall of windows. The space is anchored by a comfortable, L-shaped sofa that invites relaxation, while a composition of old-timey, three legged wooden tables adds a touch of glamour. The use of natural materials, such as wood, wool and linen, helps to create a sense of organic warmth in the space. The star of the composition is the ethnic color and texture added by the carpet.

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The kitchen is equally chic, with dark wood cabinetry and retro-inspired kitchen island serving as the centerpiece. A series of linen textures (curtains, covers and upholsteries) throughout the apartment gives unpretentious warmth and style to the spaces, further emphasizing the apartment’s eco friendly focus. Pops of color come in the form of textures, dark wood structures and geometric-patterns of carpets, adding a touch of ethno flair to the decor.

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hi atelier koti apartment 2

The apartment’s bedrooms are equally cozy and intimate with large linen curtains giving privacy and character. Both rooms are kept bright, organic and airy thanks to large windows and white walls, and incorporate natural materials such as wood and linen.

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hi atelier koti apartment 6

The apartment’s bathrooms are also kept organic and balanced between richness and minimalism. Overall, the Koti apartment is a beautiful blend of organic art style, cozy comfort, and a respect for the natural world. Its eco friendly and ethno elements make it a unique and stylish retreat for any city dweller.

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