Our Team

Our users reach us from all over the globe and from all walks of life. Some are learning about solar power and are new to investing in this venture, while others are business owners, executives, professionals, financial advisors, and experienced investors looking to enhance their industry knowledge. Regardless, we are here to help.

Jay Penland

Editor in Chief

Jay is a well-known environmentalist, philantrophist, and financial analyst for Top U.S companies and has hosted muliple Renewable Energy Programs internationally. He now spearheads the team alongside our senior editor, Norman.

Norman Davis

Senior Editor

Norman is a retired Real Estate Operations Manager, who met Jay in one of his talks about Solar Power in the western countries. Interested in Jay's ideas, he partnered with him and they yielded Go Blue Sun to where it stands today.

Brenda James

Senior Writer

Brenda is the team's senior writer, and is currently honing other talents into creating quality contents that are easily interpreted by all our readers.

Clayton Thompson


Mainly focusing on graphic design, Clayton has broaden his specialties alongside our team of writers. He now works alongside Brenda in ensuring quality of our contents overall- both the visuals and the text contents.

Dorothy Pemberton


A certified environmentalist and a self-proclaimed zero-waste life geek, Dorothy also makes sure she is always up-to-date when it comes to Renewable Energy updates.

Daniel Clark

Community Manager, Contributor

Daniel manages the team that handles our online presence, along with his works on helping us in marketing our brand of service to other clients. Aside from all these, he writes too!