The Benefits of Emergency Lighting Systems


Functioning fire safety and detection system is a vital feature in all commercial premises. Emergency lighting systems are essential in order to remain within the fire regulations, and keep everyone inside the building safe in the event of a fire. 

When the main electricity supply fails (in the case of a fire or a power surge), the emergency lighting system kicks in. These systems should be in every office and public building to ensure the safety of all people in the vicinity. A loss of mains power supply in the event of a fire could have fatal implications without the backup option of an emergency lighting system. 

The way emergency lighting systems work is by running off an independent power source from mains power. This means that it will only come into effect when an incident takes place which causes the mains power to shut off. They can be in the form of an exit sign over a fire exit door, to LED lights on the floor acting as a walkway to fire exits in the case of an evacuation.

So what are the main benefits of Emergency Lighting systems?

You will always have lighting under any circumstance

There is a whole range of reasons why lighting might fail and the power cut out. In many circumstances it is likely to happen during a working day whilst people are in the building. This could have detrimental effects on productivity, especially in the winter months when the days are shorter and darker. With a properly maintained emergency lighting system this should be no issue and allow the day to continue on as normal until the main electricity supply is fixed.  

It’s an investment In The Future of Your Business

Emergency lighting comes with a substantial price tag but once installed you will start to realise that the investment can be quickly recouped. Not to mention, it has the potential to save lives.

Once installed you will likely find that your insurance premiums drop slightly which is a definite bonus. In addition to this and as mentioned in benefit number one – losing your main source of lighting could have a negative impact on productivity levels and even mean employees having to go home until the lighting is fixed. Investing in emergency lighting means you can reduce the hours lost to not being about to work meaning you save money in the long run.

It creates a visual pathway for employees, guests and you

If an incident ever occurs and the building needs to be evacuated for safety, having emergency lighting will ensure all those in the building are able to make their way out of the premises through emergency exit safety and whilst remaining calm. 

It can be a blessing if you often suffer from power cuts

With emergency lighting Cardiff you can rest assured that you will never be without lighting. If you work in an area or location which seems to suffer from power outages, this could be very useful. As previously stated – emergency lighting will not only save you from losing money and productive working hours but also acts as a safety blanket in the event of a more serious incident such as a fire or other. 

It runs on LED technology

All modern emergency lighting systems are powered by LED technology. This offers a range benefits in itself including LED’s being less temperamental and having a longer life span, being more energy efficient and better for the environment than other incandescent bulbs, their ability to light up quickly and the fact they can be turned on and off without damage being caused; and finally LED’s do not contain mercury (a toxic substance) which can be found in traditional lighting. LED lighting is also more versatile, so you can get great designs – safe lighting doesn’t have to be boring! Websites like Neon Mama and many more offer neon signs and lights – make sure to take a look! 

To summarise, Emergency lighting is now required under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for many commercial properties. If for some reason you fall out of this remit, we can assure you it is something which you should seriously consider for safety and monetary reasons alike.

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