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Make no mistake about it, biodiesel is the future. Biodiesel is made from recurring plant material that can be stripped down into industrial oils, which can be used for fuel; in other words, plant-based diesel.

Abundant Source of Energy

This is actually quite an abundant source of energy because there are lots of plant varieties that have seeds, which contain a high amount of oil. Some plants even have a seed pod tissue with high oil concentrations. As long as any kind of oil can be extracted from any part of a plant in high enough levels, that plant can technically be a source of biodiesel.

With that said, there are commercial realities that intervene. It must make economic sense for any kind of producer to extract such plant-based oils; otherwise, the economies of scale is just not going to be there. This is a very important aspect of this renewable-energy source because as far as economic feasibility is concerned, there are many different sources of biodiesel. Some are more realistic than others. is dedicated to sharing information regarding this extremely important renewable-energy source.

Very Strategic

While we understand that there is a tremendous amount of diversity out there in terms of which plants one can source biodiesel from, we have put together this website to act as a universal data clearing house where people looking for any type of informative content on biodiesel can get the information they need. We do this without pre-selecting biodiesel types based on economic viability. This is a very strategic editorial decision because we know that economics, ultimately, is local.

In the United States, there are certain biodiesel choices that are made day in day out because they fit economic realities of the specific regions in the United States that those biodiesel and fuels are available. In other words, they fit the local economic considerations of the areas they’re produced in. That’s why they’re produced in the first place.

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On the other hand, biodiesel producers in other parts of the world may find it completely economical to try to use other plant-based feedstocks for their biodiesel. Plant varieties and feedstock that may be prohibitively expensive in the United States, or may not be all that practical, could make all the sense in the world in other parts of the globe.


This is why we do not leave anything out. We list down all the high-fat and high-oil plant varieties that have been documented all over the world, and we do our best to list out how these oils can be extracted from and processed into biodiesel. It is our hope then that individuals from around the world, with their own specific economic realities, can go through this list and zero in on a handful of likely candidates and experiment with this. After they’ve done experimentation, they size them up in terms of the economic viability, and they can specialize in biodiesel sources that make the most sense in their particular region of the world.

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Why biodiesel? Why now?

Biodiesel is renewable energy. It is essentially the sun’s energy. When a plant creates oil and starch, all it is doing is storing the energy that its green leaves captured from photosynthesis. In other words, this is energy that came from the Sun originally.

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Plants are nothing but sun-energy trapping devices. Accordingly, when these plants use the starch that they were able to produce thanks to sunlight, they store a tremendous percentage of that energy in the form of seeds.

Of course, when plants produce seeds, it is intended primarily for reproduction. These seeds require a tremendous amount of energy because these seeds may have to endure years of dormancy before the conditions are right for them to sprout.

During all that time, the seed actually stays alive. It’s respiring, and it draws on the fat of the seed to stay alive. Once it’s planted, it draws on the fat content on the seed even more because that is the initial store of energy it needs to sprout its first leaves until it can get to the point where it starts creating food on its own, thanks to photosynthesis.

Biodiesel extraction really boils down to finding the fattiest and oil-rich part of a plant, normally the seeds, and extracting and purifying these, then presenting it in a form that can readily be turned into mechanical energy by a standard diesel engine.

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It All Boils Down to Economy of Scale

Biodiesel is renewable energy. It is essentially the sun’s energy. When a plant creates oil and starch, all it is doing is storing the energy that its green leaves captured from photosynthesis. In other words, this is energy that came from the Sun originally.

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In a perfect world, all oil-bearing plants would be on an equal footing. All plants are equal candidates for biodiesel sources. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. There are economies of scale to keep in mind.

As mentioned above, certain feedstocks may make a lot of economic sense in the United States, but they would be flat-out crazy options elsewhere. It really all boils down to the economy of scale. It’s not just a matter of being able to extract oil from a particular plant, it’s larger than that. It’s all about being able to do so cheap enough, so that the oil process can be sold at a profit, or the machinery that’s going to be used to run on biodiesel will be able to produce economic output that is so far superior to the costs involved in getting that biodiesel in the first place.

Economy of scale is crucial. This can then be broken down to local technologies. There has to be ready-made local technology that can be deployed to reapply to biodiesel sources. Otherwise, it’s just not going to pan out.

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Biodiesel Resources

This website is chock-full of all sorts of biodiesel resources. We cover plants that you can get oil from, how to process oil, and economy of scale considerations based on geography. We also have a reference area where you can click through hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of scientific literature regarding different biodiesel-related topics, from seed types, seed sources, seed processing, and so on and so forth.

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Active Biodiesel Question-and-Answer Community

If, by chance, you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for by searching our database and knowledge base, post your question on our forum.

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Chances are, somebody would either answer your question directly, or direct you to a part of our resource collection that can lead you to the ultimate answer you’re looking for.

Moreover, if you’re looking to share your opinion, or share other people’s opinions on important topics related to biodiesel technology, feel free to share your opinions, resources and references today. The more you participate, the more value valuable this website becomes to everyone, and anyone interested in anything related to biodiesel energy content.

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Your eligibility is the first and most significant factor to think through. Once you fail at this, it’s pointless looking at the other factors. To limit the demands for Executive Condominiums (ECs) in Singapore, the government has put in place eligibility requirements that are difficult to meet. There are quite a few, therefore ensure that you tick all the boxes before going further.

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Generally, ECs are built to suit the housing needs of the “sandwich” class who have a household income that exceeds the maximum for public housing but falls below the numbers required to buy a private property. A majority of first-time Executive Condominium buyers have a joint income of about S$10,000 and are desirous of maximizing the CPF grant amount.

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PhenQ is an effective product that has gained over ninety thousand satisfied customers from across the world. It was introduced to the world just a couple of years ago and since that time it has gained a niche spot in the hearts of a lot of people. It has assisted millions of users in achieving their desired body types with great results.

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