This Oprah-Approved Skillet Set Is On Major Sale at QVC



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Think about the most versatile piece of cookware in your kitchen. An image of a Dutch oven might’ve materialized in your mind, or perhaps you envisioned a roasting pan — and those are both solid favorites. But, when it comes to whipping up quick and tasty meals, a trusty skillet is the item to reach for. You can find one at virtually every price point, and while many of them claim to be nonstick, we’ve seen our fair share of fakers. To help weed out the phonies, however, there are a few select brands we always go back to. For instance, Zwilling makes a nice one, and so does Le Creuset. There are even some great options on Amazon. But recently, we came across a set of skillets — made by the brand behind some of Oprah’s favorite ceramic cookware, GreenPan — that are currently on sale for a steal. We have a feeling it won’t be long before these pans become the most used pieces in your arsenal.

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The nice thing about this set is that you get two different pan sizes: a 10-inch and a 12-inch. This way, you can opt for the larger one when cooking for two or more people, or settle for the other for a quicker cleanup afterward. They also fit nicely together for compact storage. Each piece is made of nonstick, scratch-resistant aluminum and has a durable Thermolon ceramic interior. Thanks to these features, the skillets will hold up well after years of daily use, and they’ll maintain their sleek appearance. It’s no wonder contestants on “The Great British Bake Off” similarly prefer the GreenPan brand!

QVC shoppers also can’t rave about the skillets enough, characterizing them as, “lightweight and easy to clean by wiping off and (a) light rinse,” according to one reviewer. Another customer wrote, “I bought these skillets in April and have used them daily for eight months. These are the best skillets I have ever used. … I cook breakfast and dinner in them over and over.” Each piece in the set also has a heat-resistant handle, as well as its own glass lid to help create moist, flavorful dishes.

When you’re done using them, reviewers say all the skillets need is a light scrub, a quick rinse, and then to be wiped dry with a towel. With these two kitchen must-haves, you can truly focus on the joy of cooking without worrying about how you’re going to have to scrape the food up when serving or scrub the pan center after dinner.


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