These Luxe-Looking IKEA Lights Are So Chic — And Less than $35



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When it comes to home decor, there’s nothing more thrilling than bagging a luxe-looking piece at a bargain price. It’s no secret that IKEA’s a place to go for these types of finds, but sometimes you want an item that isn’t instantly recognizable as the thing from IKEA that everyone has, and for whatever reason, maybe you aren’t up for an IKEA hack to make it your own. Finding that elusive needle in the haystack item takes time, persistence, and know-how. Lucky for you, I’ve done some serious digging and unearthed an extraordinary collection that’s fallen under the radar of most: the IKEA SOLKLINT lighting range.

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In my opinion, lighting should always be both functional and good looking. Since every room needs multiple light sources for optimal usage, you need a lot of lights and light bulbs in any home. This can quickly become very expensive. Not with SOLKLINT though; unbelievably, these charming, vintage-inspired brass and fluted glass beauties come in at under $35 a pop each, whether you select the hanging pendant, ceiling lamp, wall sconce, or table lamp style.

Fluted glass decor pieces add instant flair, personality, and a touch of a vintage charm to a space. Combine that with the fancy brass bases the SOLKLINT collection also features, and you have a budget solution for almost any space that’s somehow reached a whole new level of chicness. These lights aren’t only about looks, though. Once switched on, thanks to their slightly gray-tinted clear glass shades, they’ll also provide a soft, moody glow that casts mesmerizing shadow patterns cast around a room. IKEA describes these lights as “small jewels,” and that is precisely what they are.

Whether you need lighting in your bedroom bedside, on a living room table, in an entryway or overhead in a kitchen or bath, a SOLKLINT light is ready to do the job in style. The bottom line here: Snag one (or all!) of these lights now because I’m predicting this collection is going to fly off the shelves once it’s discovered.


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