Cover the panel and make sure that it’s nighttime to test if your solar light is broken. If there are working lights on at night without a source of sunlight, then you’ll know something else must be going wrong with it. Another problem could just be other sources of light hitting the panels, so to fix this, place them somewhere where they won’t get shined upon! Below are some of the ways to repair solar lights

Battery Replacement:

As batteries lose their ability to hold a charge, you will notice that your solar light stays lit for shorter periods of time. When this happens, it’s safe to assume the issue is due to the rechargeable battery or its lifespan has passed. Most good-quality batteries last around two years before needing replacement.

The Battery Strip:

If the battery is not touching its terminal contacts, it won’t charge. If you find that your battery is not connected to the strip, then recharge it for a few days before turning on your solar light again.

Avoid Shadows

Being mindful of the placement is important for maximum efficiency. Generally, you want to avoid shadows over the solar panel around midday when sunlight is at its strongest. Be aware of any long-term shade that may affect your panels as seasons change and light shifts throughout day/night because it can have an effect on overall power production from your system.

The Angle Of Your Solar Panel

The angle of the solar panel is one of the most important factors in how long your light will last. 45° would be perfect! During the winter months, when there are fewer hours of sunlight, this can make a huge difference.

Is It Facing South? 

If you want to get the most out of your solar panels, they should be facing south. The sun rises from east to west, so if your panel is pointing in that direction, it can collect sunlight through morning and evening time. You will still receive light even if it isn’t pointed perfectly towards the South but at a reduced capacity compared to when face properly 100%.

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