Essential Tips on How To Turn a Backyard Shed Into An Outdoor Bar


If you’re having trouble envisioning how to change that old shed into a stylish outdoor bar for you and your friends to enjoy, this article is here to help!

Let us help you transform your unused storage shed into a year-round hangout spot for you and your loved ones. Some space is required, but it will be well worth it.

A little perseverance and patience are all that’s required. For that reason, we must inquire: what do you want to achieve? The celebration must begin!

Getting Ready for Your Old Shed

Before you get started, measure how much area you have in your backyard. Minimum requirements include a depth of 48 inches and a footprint of 80 square feet (the size of an average bedroom). Put away everything that may get in the way until you’re ready to start. It’s also essential to consider where you’ll store your gardening tools and other items you might need further.

It’s time to take measures now. Mark off the length and width of your shed from one wall to the other on both sides using your measurements (the depth should be measured at an angle). If you have a gazebo or summerhouse in your yard that you seldom use, this may serve the same function.

Once you’ve cleared out enough room, you can start planning out the aesthetics of your shed bar. Will the bottles and glasses be lined up along the side, as is customary at a bar? Maybe you’re the wine drinker who feels most at home in a rustic, country-style, or English cellar.

How Do I Determine the Color of My Garden Shed?

If you want to paint your shed, go for water-based paint. Applying this paint is simple and contains no harmful VOCs or other chemicals. You’ll save time and energy since it dries much more quickly than oil-based paints.

For a professional-looking finish after the paint is dry, make sure the surface you’ll be painting on is clean before you start. Try to look for the best shed lighting ideas around you.

It’s a good idea to use painter’s tape to mark off areas like door frames that won’t be painted. This will cause a clean edge when you’re done. As a precaution, we advise starting with a primer.

Do you require the construction of a bar in your backyard?

No. Getting permission to set up a bar in your yard is unnecessary if you are the owner and have yet to file for planning permission or listed building approval.

But before you build your shed, check with the relevant authorities to ensure that your plans won’t be impeded in any way (such as by the local council).

How Do You Insulate A Bar Shed?

  • Building insulation might comprise boards, plywood, or polystyrene, which peel away from the structure.
  • Use a protective coat of paint or varnish to shield the wood from the elements and daily use.
  • Use drill bits, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a saw to construct the bar in your garden shed (for cutting wood).

Can You Hire A Professional To Construct Your Garden Shed Bar?

Yes. A professional contractor may construct your bar while suggesting better insulation methods. Estimates put the entire project at £750; however, that might rise or fall depending on factors, including shed size, insulation, and electrical needs.

During the building process, hiring a builder is a wise investment if you need more confidence to complete DIY tasks on your own.

A professional’s advice on arranging your yard to make the most of its aesthetic appeal when guests come might also help you avoid unpleasant discussions about where people should stand. They may even make custom furniture for your bar, but be aware that doing so will increase your last bill.

Consider a wall-mounted option if you’re limited to floor space.

A hanging bar may be perfect for a tiny balcony or patio. It doesn’t take up much room and can be set up in your garden by anyone with little DIY know-how and only a few dollars.

Materials Required:

  • Two brackets and a pipe from a hanging bar.
  • Pipes cut to length (the length will depend on the height of your hanging beer garden shed) with a connection at either end, such as a union junction or a threaded elbow fitting.
  • For the brackets, you will need two bolts, four nuts, and a washer for each bolt’s end to attach to the wall plate (these are found at hardware stores). To prevent the screws from breaking under the load, they must be driven at least 20 centimeters into the ground or the wood boards.

Decorating Your Garden Shed Bar

For customizing your home bar, the possibilities are endless. If you want to liven up your home bar, here are some suggestions:

  • Place glimmering fairy lights all over the bar area.
  • Put in some fall touches like pumpkins and cornstalks.
  • Decorations such as posters, sports memorabilia, and friend portraits can be hung on the walls.
  • You may watch the game, or Big Brother, while perched on a bar stool.
  • Furniture like pool tables, ping-pong tables, and foosball tables can be used for entertainment.
  • You can make it seem like summer all year by stringing up garden lights in your shed at night.

Install A Keg In The Shed To Make Serving Easier

Putting up a kegerator is the easiest way to turn your shed into a drinking establishment. Many beer options are available, so you can find one that suits your taste. The following are also necessities:

  • A CO2 tank and regulator are required to serve beer from kegs, cans, or bottles on tap. 
  • If you want spotless lines every time, invest in a beer line cleaning kit that includes a faucet or tap cleaner.

Location of Furnishings

Consider seating arrangements in your garden shed bar if you want to make it as comfortable as possible for your guests. Put a mat out front or set up chairs around the bar to make it more comfortable. Flowers and plants are a delicate finishing touch.

A Variety of Extras for the Outdoor Bar

Investing in garden bar accessories is good if you want to add some pizzazz to your outdoor bar. Suppose you’re planning a get-together with friends and family.

  • An outside pair of oversized candles
  • A commercial blender must help you mix the cocktail ingredients and break the ice easily to make a smooth drink.
  • Drip trays (required) catch the water that might otherwise drip onto the table or counter.
  • In the winter, hot plates are handy because they keep hot drinks from spilling when they are served.

Final Words

With any luck, the preceding details will inspire you to take on your DIY project and construct a garden bar you can use throughout the year. Remember that thousands of instructional films with helpful pointers are available on YouTube if you get stuck. Have the best of luck!


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