Have you ever wondered what percentage of your power comes from polluting sources and what percentage comes from clean ones?

Coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind turbines, solar, and geothermal energy may all be used to create electricity. However, as you may well know, not all of them are clean.

Once energy is created and fed into the national power system, there is no way to tell whether it is “clean” or “dirty,” unless its origin is certified.

Grey Power is a term that refers to a combination of clean and fossil-fueled electricity.

Only 17% of the Grey electricity mix in the United States comes from renewable sources. According to the International Energy Agency, 7% of total energy comes from hydropower and 10% from other non-hydro sources (IEA).

Want to escape the Grey Electricity situation?

Then let Arcadia Power rise and illuminate your path.

Allow us to take you on a tour of this Arcadia Power overview.

Arcadia Electricity intervenes in the Grey Electricity scenario and wants you to be concerned about your power source. They are here to help you easily clean up your power bill and swap it for renewable energy.

They make “renewable energy a no-brainer,” as they put it.

We’ll examine Arcadia Power’s offers to see how simple they make the transfer.

Arcadia Power – What is it?

Arcadia Power is a firm that really desires your support for renewable energy generation. That is entirely their responsibility.

Arcadia accomplishes this by establishing a connection between you and your electricity supplier to ensure that at least 50% of your energy comes from renewable sources.

They provide you with renewable energy by linking you to local solar or wind energy installations.

They do it by procuring Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from sustainable energy providers.

We shall discuss RECs in due course.

If you’re worried that this will cost you a fortune, you’ll be relieved to learn that it will not.

The Arcadia service does not always imply a higher electric bill. A component of their business is negotiating reduced electricity rates in the market, which results in savings on your electric bill.

We’ll explain everything in further detail in this Arcadia Power review.

To begin, let us discuss RECs.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) – What Are They?

You may be wondering what RECs are and why they are important.

As an example, suppose you wish to power your home with green energy but lack the funds or room to install a photovoltaic array or tiny wind turbine on your roof.

Then, RECs are a means to ensure that the power you receive from the grid originates from environmentally friendly sources.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are sometimes referred to as:

  • Tradeable Green Tags Certificates that are renewable
  • Certificates for Renewable Electricity
  • Credits for Renewable Energy
  • Each time a corporation injects renewable energy into the grid, they receive a renewable energy certificate certifying them as the owner of a one-megawatt hour of clean energy.

RECs are market-based instruments that encapsulate property rights in renewable energy output’s environmental, social, and other non-energy characteristics.

Therefore, if you wish to assist the renewable energy market but are unable to create your own, RECs can help.

It is critical to note that RECs are not granted until the power is connected to the grid.

They can be traded as energy commodities on the open market.

Then, once a wind turbine creates 1 MWh of energy, the owner generates a renewable energy certificate (REC). They may keep or sell the certificate on the market.

Each REC is individually designated with a trackable number.

Consider RECs to be similar to banking transactions. They are assigned a unique number that identifies them within the system.

No other transaction, correct? The same holds true for RECs.

A REC is removed from the holding system after it is sold. This implies that it cannot be resold or utilized by another owner or third party. They certify the original purchaser’s use of green energy solely.

It is critical to purchase RECs that have been validated and approved by independent third parties. This assures that the clean power you purchase was generated using a high-quality renewable resource and that the product you purchased was created in reality. That is why RECs are critical.

Only a certified REC can substantiate your claim if you assert that your house or company is powered by renewable energy.

RECs are the renewable energy market’s currency, enabling individuals and companies to choose greener energy sources and lower their carbon footprints.

How does Arcadia Power work?

You must connect your utility account to Arcadia Power in order to use their service. After that, Arcadia will receive and pay your electric utility bill.

This does not necessitate a change in your power supplier. You’re only acquiring a middleman who will inject clean energy into your usage.

Additionally, you will continue to get your monthly statement by e-mail. Additionally, you may access it through your Arcadia Power account, which includes a download feature.

Arcadia’s business is to get clean energy from renewable energy producers, mostly wind and solar, and distribute it to you. After purchasing the energy, they obtain certified renewable energy certificates (RECs), which attest to the fact that the energy was generated using clean and renewable resources.

Additionally, Arcadia alerts you to cost-cutting energy options in the power market. This implies that by using their service, you can ensure that you are purchasing clean and verified energy and saving money.

How is this so?

Their professionals always monitor the market and negotiate reduced power rates on your behalf, allowing you to save money on your account.

Acquiring Arcadia Power Service

It’s a really straightforward procedure.

To begin, visit the Arcadia Power website and register for a free account. You have to input your ZIP code to see whether they can collaborate with local utilities.

Simply by signing up, you’ll receive a $20 incentive.

After that, you’ll have the option of two plans.

The free plan offers a 50% share of renewable energy at no additional cost. True, nothing, nothing.

The premium plan ensures that you receive 100 percent clean energy and the opportunity to receive additional discounts and special prices by joining Arcadia Community Solar. You’ll learn more about this later.

After determining your desired level of greenness, it’s time to connect your current electric utility account to Arcadia Power.

Note: If you use my referral link, you’ll receive a $20 credit just for connecting your power bill.

Connecting your account to Arcadia Power is as simple as inputting your utility login information.

Do not believe you will receive a call from your provider inquiring as to why you are utilizing Arcadia rather than dealing directly with them. Certainly not.

It’s almost as if you’re allowing Arcadia to do all the work for you. Rather than you paying your bill directly, they do it for you, but at least half of your energy use will now come from renewable sources.

Although we highly encourage you to make the switch to 100% renewable energy.

Consider this entire scenario as if you were purchasing a home.

You may either go out and look for the house of your dreams on your own in the newspapers or in your area, or you can pay a realtor to do the legwork for you.

That realtor ensures you acquire the home, negotiates the price to get you the best bargain, and handles the paperwork.

Identical story here. Arcadia is the real estate agent who takes care of everything for you in order to obtain clean energy. They ensure that a portion of the energy mix, or the entire electrical pie that powers your house, is generated cleanly and locally.

Once it is completed, you are ready to go.

You will contribute to a better, cleaner planet without incurring financial hardship.

How Does The Arcadia Power Service Work?

Their business model is to act as a middleman between you and your power supplier. You will now pay Arcadia your power payment, and they will pay your utility company.

If you’re still unsure how this may possibly work, here’s a video created by Arcadia that clarifies.

Arcadia combines its technology with that of your utility company in order to monitor and charge your energy use.

Once they determine the amount of energy you consume, they match it to RECs to deliver certified, clean, locally generated, green energy through your wires.

You may be wondering what they receive if they are caught in the midst.

How Does Arcadia Make Money?

As previously said, they provide two distinct packages: a free one (using 50% clean energy) and a premium plan (100 percent renewable energy). Like every other premium service in the world, the premium plan is a subscription-based service.

However, it will not cost you a kidney.

The premium plan will cost roughly $5 to $10 more every month for a typical residence.

Additionally, they profit from commissions earned on REC purchases made through your link to the local Arcadia Power Community.

Additionally, they work with solar producers to link Arcadia residents to solar installations in the region, and they profit from the arrangement.

It works like this:

Solar energy plants provide energy that utilities purchase in exchange for credit savings. These savings are shared between members of the Arcadia community and Arcadia the corporation.

Members of the community save around 10% on their energy bills as a consequence of the partnership, while Arcadia receives a commission for linking its customers.

Additionally, they market other firms’ products, which provides them with additional revenue.

Did you hear about Google’s offer to give away a Google Home Mini in exchange for signing up for one of their services?

No? To that end, keep a watch on them.

Arcadia Power Pros and Cons Analysis

It’s time to be impartial about Arcadia and assess its positive and negative characteristics.

Pros of Using Arcadia Power

Price Alerts

Remember how we stated that you receive alerts when energy costs drop? That is, after all, one of Arcadia’s excellent characteristics. Price notifications help you save money on your energy bill. What is if that is not reason enough to switch from a filthy energy bill to a greener one?

They shop the local energy market for the best deals. When they arrive, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Smart rates, according to Arcadia, save consumers an average of 20% on energy supply contracts. Regrettably, this service is only available in states with deregulated energy markets.

The Dashboard

The free package gives you access to Arcadia Power’s dashboard and a few of the additional features mentioned above.

Allow us to explain this Arcadia dashboard in further detail.

Arcadia’s utility dashboard enables you to view your local energy sources, a service that other utility providers do not offer. Additionally, it represents your energy use, allowing you to stay current and in charge of your utility.

Easy Transition

Additionally, Arcadia Power incentivizes you to go green and support renewable energy without requiring you to conduct exhaustive research on costs, comparisons, and providers.

They take care of everything for you.

Free Cancellation

Arcadia Power allows you to cancel your subscription for free at any moment. There are no 100-page contracts or binding agreements.

However, if you have already begun to support renewable energy, please do not reverse course! Future generations and the globe will remember you.

Try For Free With The Free Plan

If you’re unsure whether to use their service or not, they offer a free trial.

Thus, you may understand the organization better before upgrading to their premium plan and powering your home entirely with renewable energy.

Cons of Using Arcadia Power

Might get pricey

If you investigate Arcadia Power’s plans and tariffs further, you may discover that the premium plan results in a more expensive bargain. Naturally, this is all dependent on your location and requirements.

However, keep in mind that you will pay an additional 1.5 cents per kWh.

However, you are getting 100 percent verified renewable and clean energy at that price.

Not Ubiquitous

Additionally, Arcadia is not available in all locations. Do not place the blame on the business.

Given that green power is still regulated in certain places, you may be unable to obtain the energy plan you wish due to local rules.

Few Paying Options

You may pay for their service with a bank withdrawal or a credit card. Bear in mind that Arcadia Power accepts only AutoPay as a method of payment.

They do allow for payment delays, but only for three days.


Recognize that businesses rely on their products. In this scenario, they are referring to their most costly offering, the premium plan. As a result, you may notice that they attempt to get you to upgrade to the premium plan rather than the free one.

That is understandable, isn’t it?

Additionally, we all want to see the expansion of renewable energy initiatives in order to help clean up our world.

Allow no more than 1.5 cents per kWh to deter you from making a move to a more environmentally friendly house.

Is Arcadia Power A Legitimate Company? Consider The Reviews.

Yes, they are completely compliant with the regulations requiring you to power your home with renewable energy. Both of their schemes, free and premium, operate within legal parameters.

You will not receive a call from your provider requesting that you leave Arcadia due to legal concerns. That is not an option.

Arcadia Power has a 4.7/5 rating on the TrustPilot website. These evaluations are an excellent measure of the company’s ongoing commitment to customer service and responsiveness.

Arcadia Power is an excellent choice for anybody wishing to cut their power expense in half. You save money on electricity and switch to a more environmentally friendly, cleaner energy source. This is a win-win scenario.

We feel that solar and clean energy must be adopted to assist us to overcome the negative impact that fossil fuel energy is now having on the environment.

If you want to know how to fix the solar lights, we have curated an article for that. Give it a read. 


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