Most funding advisors agree that investing in actual property is one of the excellent long-term investments you can make. Some of that enthusiasm then again used to be tarnished after the bursting of an eight trillion greenback housing bubble in America that led to the Great Recession. Many condominium property proprietors misplaced their investments or ended up with trashed properties. On the different hand, some savvy buyers snapped up residences at some point of that length for pennies on the greenback and have made small fortunes fixing up, flipping, or protecting homes for long-term gains.

Today, we’re going to speak about a distinct kind of actual property funding with which you may no longer be acquainted. This approach of real property investing has a decreased startup price and a greater possible return on the financing than apartment homes. I’m referring to a storage facility making use of delivery containers.

Why are storage containers essential? 

Storage containers can store things that are no longer used at home but are still valuable enough to keep. Putting them in a secure location allows the homeowner to free space for more often-used items. It’s the best way to declutter homes.


If you’re a business-minded person, this must pique your interest. The self-storage business, according to the online book sparefoot.com, is massive. Check out these stats:

For every individual in the United States, there is 5.4 rectangular ft of apartment storage house. The annual self-storage enterprise income in 2019 was once $38.6 billion, an make bigger of 2.6 percent from 2014.1 in each 10 U.S. resident who rents storage area – that’s eighty-five million Americans renting a storage house

USA Today says 14 percent of all Americans pass every year. Many movers lease the perfect house to shop the overflow. Market Watch expects the self-storage market to revel in a five percent per yr increase fee thru at least 2023. Many renters procrastinate about clearing out the saved items. On average, renters maintain their gadgets for over three years

People are paying cash for more storage space. What if some of that cash went to you? If you own a self-storage business, it may want to happen. But as a substitute for shopping for or constructing an ordinary storage facility, suppose backyard the field for a minute.

There’s a simple, less costly way to begin your self-storage facility at any place you desire, and besides expensive building costs: Using transport containers. Building a delivery container self-storage facility lets you start your personal, commercial enterprise and make an income quickly. It alleviates the charges and constrained flexibility of investing in and renting out different properties.


This may sound unorthodox. However, there are many motives why delivery containers are best for storage facilities, such as:

  • The fee to construct a regular storage facility is a good deal more significant than the use of transport containers
  • Shipping containers are strong, secure, waterproof, and have strong, thick metal walls
  • Unlike regular facilities, transport containers are dustproof, with tight seals around the doorways to hold animals and rodents out
  • Shipping containers are secure, with each lock on the door taken care of and a one-of-a-kind lockbox for extra safety
  • Shipping container doorways open, making it handy to save giant gadgets – even big motors and trailers
  • Shipping containers maintain their cost lots more extended than construction and require little to no preservation
  • As demand dictates, the usage of transport containers for your commercial enterprise lets you relocate, add, remove, and rearrange units, giving you a lot of extra flexibility


If you need extra storage, all you need is a used conex container! Used Conex offers various grades of containers for multiple needs. Because purchasing shipping containers is done sight unseen, we try to provide enough information for our customers to shop with confidence.

You can choose the type of container that best suits you by reading our reviews or viewing our recent deliveries on our social media channels. After you’ve decided on the size and grade of your container, you can check the price and delivery cost by entering your ZIP code into our quoting tool.

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