When Is Timeshare Cancellation A Good Idea?


You were amazed by the timeshare presentation. You loved the idea of spending your vacations at a luxury resort without making any arrangements. And, you can’t just wait to spend your holidays in the hotel as a ‘free gift.’  

But, now things have changed. You think that your timeshare is not an investment but a lifelong financial burden. And you simply regret signing the contract.  

Well, if you have been looking for ways to exit a timeshare, you already know that it’s not an easy process. However, a timeshare exit is the best thing you can do, even if it takes your time and effort. So, below are the sure signs that a timeshare exit is a good idea. 

Your timeshare is taking a toll on your finances

When you own a home or a car, you are responsible for maintenance or other fees associated with it. Similarly, timeshare ownership also costs you a lot of money. These routine costs often rise as time passes. In addition, there are surprise bills in the form of special assessment fees. Whether a resort is scheduled for renovations or a hurricane has just rolled through, you will have to pay additional charges. 

You don’t get to stay in the resort.

There is no point in paying prepaid charges for a vacation home if you can’t stay there. This is something that most timeshare owners face. Their dream of vacationing on a beach gets destroyed when they come to know that the resort is booked for the next few years. It is quite frustrating to spend your hard-earned money on something that is of no use.  

Thus, it is the second important indication that you need to look for a timeshare exit company to get out of your timeshare. Don’t forget to read reviews of timeshare exit companies before choosing to work with them. 

You can’t rent timeshare weeks.

Many timeshare owners desperately want to rent out their timeshare weeks. While it works sometimes, there is no guarantee that someone will accept this offer. Furthermore, many owners try to sell their timeshare on their own and discover that their timeshare has no resale value. If you are lucky enough to find someone to take over the timeshare, you will still be responsible for payments if they back out. Thus, canceling a timeshare is better than renting it out. 

You don’t want your children to undergo financial troubles

Let’s be frank. A timeshare is forever. After a timeshare owner passes away, their timeshare agreement will automatically pass to their children. Many timeshare owners realize this years after signing the contract. They don’t want to burden their family with ongoing expenses. Thus, timeshare cancellation with the help of an attorney is the only way to get rid of this situation. 

The timeshare has safety concerns.

Do the resort rooms look dull and outdated? Does the timeshare property frequently require maintenance? Are there broken stairs or water damage, and the property requires a repair? These signs are obvious reasons why you don’t want to pay for a property.  

You are bound to make timeshare payments for a lifetime, and the managers are not even maintaining the property. You don’t want to feed the greedy timeshare managers who made false promises and lured you into signing the contract. Moreover, you don’t want to put your life at risk. Clearly, a timeshare exit is the only way! 

If any of these signs apply to you, it is time to consider timeshare cancellation. Seek help from a professional timeshare attorney that can help you get out of a timeshare legally and easily. 


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