In 2020, renewable energy sources accounted for about 12% of total U.S. Energy Consumption and 20% of electricity generation.  Renewables in America are on the rise as they continue to grow by 3-5 percent per year which accounts for a large percentage (12%) towards our country’s electricity generation needs!

 In 2018 renewable technologies provided net U.S electrical generation with hydropower coming out on top at 7%. Wind accounted for another 6%, giving us one amazing statistic after another about how much progress we’ve achieved as a country through alternative sources.

The use of solar power, including distributed generation is projected to grow exponentially over the next few decades. As a result it will be one of America’s most important energy sources by 2050 with 48% coming from this source alone.

In 2016 globally hydropower accounted for 16%. This form of renewable energies market saw much faster growth than all fossil fuels combined – nearly doubling in just two years which makes its potential even more exciting considering how quickly things are changing right now..

Renewable energy sources such as ethanol and biodiesel have been gaining momentum in recent years, with 12 percent of total U.S.-generated renewable fuels coming from these alternate fuel types last year alone.

The global economy is powered by energy resources, but most primary sources are unsustainable. The current fuel mix associated with these environmental impacts has had a significant impact on our environment including climate change and radioactive waste.

Renewable energy is the future! With a much smaller environmental footprint and potential to alleviate other pressing problems, like an insecure power grid that relies heavily on fossil fuels. Renewables can help meet demand while staying true to our country’s founding principles by contributing towards diversification in this field.

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