The future of the world’s energy is in clean, renewable sources like solar and wind. As we have started to realize just how much pollution these fossil fuel-based plants pose on our environment as well as climate change- which will only get worse with time without any action taken by humanity. Development has accelerated for alternative power generation systems so that coal gas crude oil could eventually phase out completely within this century. Despite it being technically impossible right now because there isn’t enough space available worldwide or people willing yet who want less reliance on foreign oil from nations such countries Arabia Saudita Iran etc., but once everyone wakes up they’ll most certainly demand.

The cost of using renewable energy resources is much lower than the price we are paying for non-renewable fuels. Habitat destruction and environmental pollution caused by fossil fuel combustion can both be eliminated with just a switch in how people use their electricity, heating oils or gas. Oil prices have skyrocketed over recent years as supply outpaced demand while countries like Iran were producing more oil due to international sanctions – but now they’ve decreased thanks largely because these Basin countries turned away from coal towards natural renewables (wind+solar).

Cheapest Renewable Energy Source

Following are the cheapest energy sources found everywhere and used globally,

Solar Energy:

The cost of installing solar panels in your home can be up to $25,000 for installation. However, the national average is about 13 cents per kilowatt-hour according to a recent article by The Center For Sustainable Energy (CSE).

Wind Energy:

Onshore wind is the cheapest form of energy, with an average cost per kWh in 2017 that was less than six cents. Though some schemes only saw prices at four or five pennies for every kilowatt-hour generated using these renewable resources.

The future of power generation is through wind and solar energy, it is cheap and widely used. This renewable form of energy produces enough to run mills and factories and also emit less carbon into the environment.


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