How Proptech Companies Are Investing Apartment Monthly Rental Market?


Ukio, a firm located in Barcelona that provides equipped flats for monthly rentals, has received $9 million in investor money. Ukio was established in 2020 and currently has 100 homes in Barcelona and Madrid, with aspirations to expand to 700 by the beginning of 2022 throughout six European towns. The enterprise’s entire base software and internal management platform are also being developed.

During severe rental market corrections, Ukio has expanded to a property of 100 residences in Barcelona and Madrid, with a 95% room rate in 2021. Ukio wants to do business with 700 flats throughout six European towns by the conclusion of next season, with Lisbon opening soon. In order to sustain its European development, Ukio wants to continue developing its complete layer of end-to-end software as well as its proprietary organization’s proprietary platform.

The Barcelona-based Corporation was launched late last year and has already expanded to over 100 flats across Barcelona and Madrid, with 95% room rates.

Ukio – Echo

Echo was influenced by the seashore of Indonesia. This residence has two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and two terraces. There is a large kitchen with a kitchen area, which is completely equipped with all kitchen equipment and machines. The additional storage room can be found in the halls. The interior design, which includes a seating area and a couch space, is bright. Wooden dining furniture with a handmade constructed seat is available. A suspended seat and a separate workstation are available in the modern living room. We supply all mattresses and bath supplies. The initial attached bedroom has a double empress length mattress as well as an under-mount sink. There is a large bathtub with a shower in the toilet. A separate terrace is included in the main suite apartment.

Ukio – Aranda

The Aranda flat is in the Salamanca area of Madrid. This apartment features two bedrooms and two baths. A kitchen countertop can be utilized as a beer garden in a wide floor environment. Using timber finishes and a contemporary square floating shelf on the sidewall, the refrigerators are camouflaged as cupboards. A huge dining table is next to the kitchenette, and couch space with a TV is on the other end of the room. A storage room with two drawers separated by window partitions is located beside the kitchen. A workstation with a table and a tiny nook with a couch and bookcase are available. The first residence has a big bed and its own toilet.

Ukio – Kuma

Kuma’s project was influenced by Salamanca’s Japanese highlands. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms in this residence. The contemporary kitchen is fully equipped with all of the necessary appliances and kitchen tools. The bedroom is adjacent to the kitchenette and features a circular dining chair placed in a single corner and a sitting space with a sofa close to the window. A goddess mattress faces a significant glass next to the sitting table in the first chamber. The next bedroom, which also includes a single bed and a table, has a stroll wardrobe with plenty of space. One toilet has a tub and shower, while the other has a wider warm bath. We supply all mattress and bathroom amenities.



Beni’s magnificent furnishings combine Catalan traditions with Saharan themes. This 60-square-meter property is situated in Gracia, one of Barcelona’s most fashionable neighborhoods. Gracia is the neighborhood to be in, with its architectural beauty and amazing cuisine. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the weather on the roof terrace and sundeck in typical Barcelona style. When it’s ready to ditch, this one, one-bathroom residence understands how to keep the amazement going.

Doucen- Marques de Pombal, LIS


Property with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in RuaSeara Nova, with a balcony, parking garage, and closet. Ukio’s art department is now refurbishing and furnishing the property, which will be accessible in April. The kitchenette is completely filled with cutting-edge gadgets and cookware. Soft linen is provided in the mattresses, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. The property features two bathrooms with complete showers and rags, as well as one wc. Furthermore, the residence is coupled with significant WiFi and a SmartTV. For your convenience, the unit offers a tumble dryer, refrigerator, and conditioning systems.


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