Why Do So Many People want to live in Malibu?


California is an amazing place wherever you live — the weather is wonderful, and the beaches are some of the best in the world. However, many well-known celebrities and others who have money and style flock to buy property in Malibu. Why do so many people want to live there?


Malibu is a fantastic location. It is located 26 miles outside Los Angeles, so it is easily commutable if you have business in the city. Hollywood is close enough that the film stars can get to their film sets without too much trouble and there are other cities such as Long Beach and Glendale that are easy to reach.

There are about 16,000 people who live in Malibu so although it is a city it doesn’t have that built-up big city feel. It is easy to imagine escaping to Malibu rather than having to live in the thick of things. Celebrities need downtime too.


Malibu real estate is some of the best in the country whether you are looking for a condo, a sprawling mansion, or something in between. Homes for sale in Malibu can be costly, but it is worth paying the price as most of the luxury real estate in Malibu comes with an amazing landscape of either the ocean or the mountains and it is worth paying a premium for the landscape alone. 


Living in Malibu is particularly popular with people who have children as the education establishments in the city are so good. There is a low student-to-teacher ratio in the public schools which means that kids get more attention here than elsewhere in the state and that often shows in their grades. For those who decide against sending their kids to public school, there are some fantastic options for private education too. 

Crime Rate

It makes sense to move somewhere exclusive if you want to get away from street crime and this is a big attraction for many people who want to move to Malibu. Violent crime is 56% lower here than elsewhere in the state. A city with this level of crime is rare to find and a huge attraction for those who want to move to the area, especially if they have children. 


Although Malibu isn’t a huge city there are still some amazing amenities and many people who visit from elsewhere move here to take advantage of the amenities on offer. Shopping facilities are certainly ample and there is no need to step outside Malibu for anything you want to buy. The city offers everything from exclusive boutiques to grocery store chains and the local farmers market draws a lot of people into the neighborhood on Sundays.

Dining in Malibu is fantastic as the food is wonderful and there are so many culinary options. Seafood is especially popular, and it is mostly freshly caught in the nearby ocean. 

With so much on offer, it is no wonder why so many people want to own property in Malibu. 


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