Renewable energy certificates (also known as renewable power plant incentive or RECs) represent the clean attributes of electricity from solar panels and wind turbines. Buying these credits is not equivalent to getting an electric bill; instead, it’s like claiming free money for your home.

How Does It Work?

Electricity enters the grid from many different sources, ranging from wind power and solar to natural gas and nuclear. Because there is no way for us all to know exactly what our energy source is going forward with this ever-changing market, the government has come up with RECs! These certificates transfer “renewable” aspects onto owners themselves through electricity purchased within a business environment paired together as one unit of measure– renewable energy credits certifying that you are purchasing clean resources when available on their behalf at any given time; so not only do companies purchase these but individuals can also buy them just like they would anything else too if desired by taking out personal loans or mortgages based solely off how much money’s worthiness might be inside your bank account right now.

Requirements for Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable energy has long been the future of power production. The sun shines bright every day, and it is high time we started using that as an advantage instead of just storing up for rainy days! States all around America have gone green with solar carve-outs in place to help promote renewable sources; some even offer financial incentives or mandates if you make your own installers happy by choosing them over competitors’ products. Plus there’s always those Renewable Portfolio Standards – they say one thing but really mean another when related directly back at states which want more “green” electricity coming into their borders (unless specified differently).

RECs are a great way to invest in green renewable energy! All states except for Hawaii recognize their validity. REC certificates can be used and sold by companies, governments or anyone with an ownership stake within the market – who wouldn’t want some free money? Not only does this save you on your electric bill but it also helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels which will improve our environment as well.



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