Renewable energy sources are often the most environmentally-friendly choice for powering our world because they don’t rely on finite resources.

Renewables refer to any form of power that can be collected from nature. And this is the common characteristic among all natural energy resources, they are derived from our environment and renewable in use through renewal or decay processes for their original state over time.

These resources are capable of regeneration. Regeneration means that these sources will be renewed along with exploitation and hence, always available for use. The process by which this happens involves some ecological processes on a time scale but it can happen quickly if you know what to do. Some renewable resources become non renewable once their rate at which they’re being used surpasses the environment’s ability to replenish them.

Following are some of the characteristics which are common to renewable energy resources,

  • Resources like solar power are an endless resource because they can be renewed or exploited many times.The sun will always provide light, heat and electricity for our needs as long as it has enough strength left in it.
  • These natural energy resources are capable of regeneration and self-renewal.
  • The regeneration of renewable sources involves some ecological processes on a time scale. These resources are vital for our future, but they also have their own limitations that we must consider if this planet is going to survive into the next century or so with its rich biosphere intact.
  • The renewable sources become nonrenewable at a rate that exceeds what the environment can naturally replenish. This is because once all available natural resources for this type of power source have been exhausted, there will no longer be any way for it to recover on its own and return back into use.

With the world’s population increasing and pollution causing global warming, there is a growing demand for renewable resources. Renewables include solar panels for generating electricity from the sun’s rays; wind turbines which convert kinetic energy into rotational force on an electric generator used in homes and offices alike.


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