This Bed Comes with Overhead Bin Storage — Yes, Like an Airplane



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If your bedroom feels as cramped as the economy section of an airplane, then here’s a first-class solution that just might help.

Berlin-based architect Michael Hilgers has created a bed that includes its own overhead luggage bin. Called COBBO, it gives you additional storage space — and the ability to stash small items like books, pillows, and quilts—without taking up additional floor space like a dresser or cabinet would.

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The inspiration behind it is really clever. While most airplanes aren’t known for comfort, they are still a great example of small space planning. Instead of having bulky dining tables, airplanes have tray tables that fold when not in use and give passengers more room when they’re not eating. Hilgers used the same design principles for COBBO, giving other confined places, like bedrooms, more versatility.

The bed features a minimalist Nordic-inspired aesthetic with oak legs and white bins, which have two doors on each side. Just like the seats in economy, there’s storage space underneath if the bins above are already full.


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