These Plant Trends Will Be Popular In 2023, According to The Spruce



Plant parents, another year is almost upon us, and you can expect plenty of popular new botanical fads to pop up in 2023. To help you plan ahead, The Spruce tapped Costa Farms horticulturist Justin Hancock and “Houseplant Warrior” author Raffaele Di Lallo to predict the top plant trends for 2023. If you’re looking for green thumb inspiration, read on to discover the most popular plant trends heading into the new year.

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Expect plants with big, bold, and unique foliage to make quite a splash in 2023. This trend owes quite a lot to the growing popularity of the Monstera deliciosa (a.k.a. the “Swiss Cheese Plant”), which boasts eye-popping natural leaf holes. Moving forward, species like banana plants, birds of paradise, and Thaumatophyllum are set to become the next “It Plants.”

As Hancock puts it: “Extra-large leaves instantly add drama and presence to home décor and stand out on social media.

Along with the rise of colorful foliage, expect to see plenty of variations in golden-hued plants as well.

More Knowledgable Plant Owners

Plant influencers are great, but Di Lallo predicts that more and more plant parents will seek to become more knowledgeable about the plants they care for, with the help of experts and outside apps.

For instance, the Planta app allows you to log different species of plants you have, manually keep track of a room’s light intensity, and get push notifications about when you should water them according to the local weather.

Saving space is an important consideration when figuring out where to put new plants. Why not hang them on the wall? Although mounted plants are becoming more and more common, make sure to pick varieties that don’t need to be rooted in soil, such as orchids or hoyas.


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