A solar power kit, to put it simply, consists of solar panels, an inverter, batteries, as well as all the switches, mounting, and wiring needed to install the kit and begin producing and consuming solar electricity.

Solar cells

Without the Solar Panel, you won’t be able to generate solar energy, making it perhaps the most distinctive aspect of the entire package.

PV Inverters

An inverter is the next essential part of any Solar Power Kit. There is no other method to turn the energy from your solar panels and the stored energy in your batteries into useful electricity for your house.

Solar batteries

If you want backup electricity in the evenings, solar batteries are necessary. Grid-Tied kits are the only ones that don’t need batteries.


There should always be kit accessories like switches, wiring, etc., in your solar power kit. But what are these things, and do we really need them? The quick response is YES! You’ll need disconnect switches that turn off your AC power, DC power, and battery, so your electrician is protected if maintenance or repairs are necessary.

It is a safety requirement. Thus, you won’t be able to obtain a COC, which is necessary in order to comply with the law. Surge protectors must always be installed in your AC box to safeguard your system from power surges. To connect your components, wiring is necessary.

When it comes to installing solar power kits, safety comes first. We care about your safety as well as the safety of your family, your house, your Solar Power Kit, and even the safety of our technicians. If these devices are not installed or placed incorrectly, there is a real risk of electrocution and fire, just like with anything related to electricity.

In the home market, we employ four different kinds of kits.

  • Off-Grid Kits
  • Grid-Tied Kits
  • Hybrid Kits

3 Phase Kits

Additionally, there are 3 sizes of inverters that we often install in the homes of our clients:

  • 5kW
  • 8kW
  • 12kW

For household usage, these are the most common kit sizes. However, you may also get commercial-sized kits that can be quite large. If you are interested in more articles on this topic, here’s one about what percentage of solar energy is used in the USA.


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