A Little Bit of Color Makes a Dated Dining Room Unrecognizable


If you’ve been looking for the inspiration and motivation to repaint a white wall in a punchy paint color, let this be it. Homeowner Robin Hansen’s dining room started out the way many dining rooms start out: pretty bare bones. “The whole condo was all done in bland landlord beige, and the whole place had off-white wall-to-wall carpet — including the three bathrooms!” Robin says.

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But beige just wasn’t going to work for this home, which is located in personality-packed Palm Springs. “Palm Springs has a very mid-century modern vibe, which is very popular with residents and visitors alike,” says Robin. “My vision for this condo was was to do mid-century modern on a shoestring budget.”

Robin had plans for the whole home, but since the dining room didn’t require any major construction, it was a great place to start with the makeover. First up: removing that beige carpet, which Robin brought in a contractor to do. He replaced it with luxury vinyl plank floors with the look of wood. Robin also had a pro remove the popcorn ceilings (a mid-century hallmark!).

Then, Robin turned to the walls. On two of them, she painted a breezy blue-green that feels completely suited to the vibrant colors of Palm Springs homes. Overhead, a flush-mount fixture with a 1960s Sputnik vibe suits the atmosphere better than the old traditional hanging chandelier did.

As for furniture, Robin sought out budget-friendly furniture with MCM flair. After a bit of hunting, she was able to source most of her finds — the sideboard, curtains, light fixtures and more — from retailers like Walmart and Wayfair. (The tall bar cabinet comes courtesy of a friend’s aunt.)

Now, no one could call the dining space bland. “I love the after, because it’s bright and cheerful,” says Robin. And, good news for vintage-loving Palm Springs: “The mid-century vibe is alive and well.”

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