The Best Planter (or Plant Stand) for Your Decor Style, According to Designers



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You’ve stocked up on all kinds of houseplants for your space, but now, you’re looking for the perfect way to display them — but don’t just grab the first planter you see at the hardware store and call it a day. So many fabulous pots and stands are on the market, so why not select one that complements your design personality?

First things first: A couple of years ago, Apartment Therapy asked plant experts to share the plant type they thought best corresponded with the popular decor styles listed below, which range from mid-century modern to industrial and quite a few different aesthetics in between. Going off of these picks, I tasked a handful of interior designers to chime in with their choices for planters and plant stands to complement those varieties. Keep scrolling for their insights and some fun shopping finds that you can use to upgrade your plant situation right now.

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MCM style is all about embracing wood tones and sleek silhouettes. “A super-clean combination of ceramic and teak wood adds style and warmth to any home, mid-century or otherwise,” notes designer Colleen Simonds. Simonds is a proponent of opting for a planter on a stand. “That nice height above the floor gives your plant some extra stature and presence in the room. It’s a quiet statement maker fit for any decor.”

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The Hollywood Regency look is all about embracing brass or mirrored accents, but sometimes the smallest touches can go a long way to make a space — or plant — look a little more glam. “I love a vintage brass planter with something that grows vertically so you can see the planter,” notes designer Amy Sklar. For pots of this style, she suggests shopping Etsy, where these kinds of finds generally range from $30 to $80.

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Experts suggest picking up a snake plant or two for a Scandi-style space. Why not place yours in a simple, sleek terracotta planter? As designer Hannah Rasa of InSite Builders & Remodeling notes, “A good container for a snake plant is one that is round and made from a natural material like terracotta or earthenware because the shape and material balance the angular, vertical leaves.” Look for a style with a saucer to prevent drips and puddling.

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Why not go a bit bold when selecting a planter for a Memphis or ’80s style space? Designer Lexi Brandfon of Lex & Hudson finds herself gravitating toward a striped pick. “Pothos vines would drape around this striped piece, breaking up the geometry and making it softer,” she says. “We love the unexpected leather strap detail here that makes the piece a bit edgy, matching this style completely.”

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Designer Maren Baker suggests introducing a slotted pedestal into a transitional style space. “Taking design inspiration from the classic architectural column shape, it goes well in traditional spaces or a more modern room where you want to inject some traditional elements,” Baker says. Place your plant on top in a simple pot, and you’re golden!

Try a vintage clay plant pot when decorating in French Country style, suggests designer Lisa Kooistra of LK Designs. French Country style planters are rustic in look and typically have some sort of flourish, like this scalloped, faux moss-finished design shown here, which is still relatively neutral on the whole. “Sticking with planters that are contemporary and minimal can be mixed into any style,” Kooistra says. “This is because the plant is the statement, and it’s less about the planter/stand.”

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Experts say fiddle leaf figs are excellent for industrial spaces, as the oversized leaves will pop against the brown and gray tones often present in these settings. Due to the plant’s large and sculptural nature, Brandfon prefers placing it in a simple vessel. “We love this planter because canvas is so utilitarian and the handles give it the perfect amount of simple interest that is also functional when putting it on,” she says. “Also love that you can keep things quiet with a neutral color or really turn the volume up with the orange.”

Plant experts suggest picking up a palm to add flair to a coastal space. Finish off the look with a laid-back, textural planter. “Baskets in native tropical materials such as wicker, rattan, or jute are a perfect way to showcase potted palms,” Rasa says.

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Plant experts love the idea of incorporating lavender into a cottage style home. Sklar suggests looking back to 19th century when sourcing a vessel to accommodate this type of bloom and achieve that perfect cottagecore vibe. “These pots are gorgeous reproductions of a classic Victorian design that one of the owners of Campo de Fiori found while visiting Balmoral Castle,” Sklar notes. “Apparently, after a game of poker, they won the rights to reproduce this pot for sale!”

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