Novogratz x Globe Electric Brass Table Lamp Review: I Tried It



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One of the more vivid memories I have of my early childhood is going into a lighting store with my mom and marveling at the sparkling chandeliers, uniquely shaped table lamps, and floor lamps galore. OK, so the chandeliers were mostly what I was interested at the age of five, but my fascination with all things lighting has not changed — perhaps because after suffering for so many years at badly lit offices, I’ve grown to appreciate how much light can change a space. Lamps can also serve as accent pieces and an opportunity to show off your style. All of this is why it’s taken me so long to figure out which lamp I wanted for my boyfriend’s and my bedside table.

His 10-year-old black desk lamp had been our lamp while I was hunting for the perfect one. It made his vintage mid-century modern bedside table look cheap, and it was one of the few pieces of decor in the bedroom (because it’s so tiny), so your eye is drawn to it immediately when you walked in. Luckily, Globe Electric offered me the chance to test one of their lamps from their collaboration with one of AT’s favorite interior designers, The Novogratz. I fell immediately in love with Globe Electric’s 2-Light Table Lamp. I had been hoping for a vintage-inspired lamp, similar to a banker’s lamp but not a banker’s lamp — if that makes sense.

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This lamp’s design struck the delicate balance between classic and modern. It didn’t look like it belonged in a museum, and it wasn’t too eclectic for our mostly MCM-inspired space. I also like that it had space for two lightbulbs (not included), so you can adjust the brightness by pulling down on one or both of the chains. Plus, the chains are way more fun and easy to use than a traditional lamp switch. This makes it an ideal wind-down and reading lamp and allowed me to finally turn off the fluorescent overhead light that made it almost impossible to flip through a book while laying down.

Now, it’s my favorite piece of decor. It brings me joy to walk by it and I was proud to show it off during our most recent house party. Because it is so budget-friendly (costing only $42 right now), it’s a little luxury that I’m happy to recommend to everyone and anyone who will listen. If you’re looking for an affordable way to change the vibe of your space, I think the Globe Electric x Novogratz 2-Light Table Lamp is the perfect way to do it. It’s also versatile — I could always bring it out of the bedroom and make it our desk lamp or display it our entryway table.

Sometimes you can tell when a lamp is a little more inexpensive; it can feel flimsy or be wobbly, but that wasn’t the case for me. This lamp looks like it costs at least $100, if not more. And, I’m not the only person who thinks so, Amazon reviewers gave this lamp a 4.6-star average rating. It’s on sale now, so if you’re thinking about adding it to your cart, I wouldn’t hesitate.


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