6 Places to Visit in Malacca at Night For Nightlife



The historic city of Malacca is not only a place for sightseeing and appreciating cultural heritage. The nightlife in the area is very rich and for those who enjoy these activities, I have compiled a list of places to visit at night in Malacca for all your nightlife activities.

  1. Alto Sky Lounge

The Alto Sky Lounge is the next place we recommend for melaka nightlife. It’s located in Hatten Square along Jalan Merdeka, in the Bandar Hilir region. It boasts a lavishly decorated and designed interior with modern furniture and warm lighting.

Their cocktails are the highlight of their menu. We recommend their Martinis, which are delicious and expertly mixed. Although the prices may seem high, they are worth it for the quality of the drinks and the excellent view.

  1. Calanthe Art Cafe

Calanthe Art Cafe can be found along Jalan Hang Kasturi, in the Jonker Street vicinity. This cafe is beautiful and well-decorated. It features many oriental touches and good use of wooden furniture and rattan furniture.

Their coffee is the highlight of the menu. They use different beans from around the country and mix them together. For a sweet end to your evening, we recommend their Latte paired with French Toast. The coffee is rich and aromatic, with a wonderful roasty flavor. The toast is crisp and delicious.

  1. Xstasy Kitchen & Bar

Xstasy Kitchen & Bar is currently the most popular bar for young people in Malacca. This place is more of a music venue than a restaurant. You will find DJs and live bands playing the hits of the 80s and 1990s. Ladies Night is Wednesdays, when ladies can get free drinks.

  1. Reggae on the River

The Reggae on the River is a bar that can be found in the Jonker Street section of Melaka, along Lorong Hang Jebat. It is strategically located right beside the Melaka River, so that you can have a great night and listen to the soothing, calm flow of the water. You can enjoy the surrounding scenery from your outdoor seat.

The place is great for a night of drinking as they play Reggae music in the dark. This place is a great spot to have a drink, especially with their large selection of beers and the fitting reggae music by the river.

  1. Hard Rock Cafe @ Jonker’s

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka was the first restaurant to embrace Melaka’s urban charm. Located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Area, on the prestigious Jonker Walk. The iconic restaurant, measuring 9,000 square feet, is a landmark in the city. It offers a variety of dining options, nightlife, and cultural events.

Hard Rock Cafe is also a popular spot for nightlife in Jonker Street, Malacca. The brightly lit, double-storey building often hosts a long line of hungry diners and music enthusiasts at the front door. This is the place for you if you want to enjoy heavy music, great wine, and delicious American food. If you want to see a live band or have dinner, arrive around 9 p.m.

Live bands entertain guests starting at 10pm. They play rock songs with the latest blues and pop. You can also request songs and tell the band your favorites songs. A trip to Hard Rock Cafe would not be complete without a stop at the souvenir shop. Check out the T-shirts, pins, and small souvenirs such as shot glasses or guitar picks.

  1. 90s Cafe and Pub

The 90s Cafe and Pub is located in the Jonker Street vicinity, along Lorong Hang Jebat. The outdoor view from the riverside is also available, but this time it opts for a classic aesthetic.

You can find live music here all night. This is the ideal spot for those who want to relax and enjoy a drink and finger food while they wait. This place is also very affordable, which makes it even more worth the visit.

  1. The Brew House

The Brew House can be found along Jalan KSB 12 within the Taman Kota Syahbandar region. The bar and bistro is beautifully designed with rustic touches such as faux brick walls and dark wood furniture.

Their Truffle Fries are a must-try. They are large and crispy on the outside, but fluffy inside. They come with a dip, which is tangy and spicy. This is the perfect finger food to enjoy with a pint.

  1. Geographer Cafe

Next up on our list is the Geographer Cafe. It’s located in the Jonker Street vicinity along Jalan Hang Jebat. The cafe’s interior is well-designed and decorated. It incorporates elements of tropical culture and life into its design. There are also bar stools outside and palm trees.

The cafe serves a wide variety of vegetarian/vegan friendly meals. We highly recommend the Geographer Vegan Curry Rice. It is simply amazing. The curry is rich and creamy. It is also well spiced. The rice is perfectly cooked and fluffy. This is a great meal to enjoy with Beer.

This is the place where many locals and foreigners go to relax when they are in Malacca late at night. But personal preferences are different, some like quiet and some like noisy, so you can decide according to your preference.

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