Greenhouse Kits for Your Mini Garden


Home greenhouses are more prevalent as more individuals create gardens for growing their own fruits and veggies as well as attractive flowers.

Anyone with a serious green thumb but limited room can benefit from a compact greenhouse kit, which enables you to germinate seeds, grow cuttings, and safeguard delicate plants on your patio, deck, or balcony.

Top Picks For Best Small Greenhouse Kits

With the current boom in home gardening and self-sufficiency, there is now a tonne of small greenhouse kit options available to you. Given the wide variety of sizes, components, and designs available, we’ve selected our top selections to assist you in selecting the ideal small greenhouse.

1. AMERLIFE Transportable Mini Greenhouse

This greenhouse will shield your plants from the elements because it is made of transparent, UV-protected PVC that is completely waterproof. Additionally, these transparent panels will allow light to enter your greenhouse while preserving humidity and temperature levels, shielding your plants from cold or too much heat.

To make the greenhouse even more airtight and safe, you can sink the PVC cover into the ground.

Once built, the greenhouse will be tiny enough to fit on most balconies, measuring 71 x 36.3 x 36.3 inches. Its sturdy, weather-resistant frame is built of solid, powder-coated steel, making it strong and resistant to the elements.

Being portable means, you can practically pick up our Amerlife greenhouse and move it about your garden to cover established plants that require protection. If you need the space for something else, you can even temporarily remove it from your balcony or patio, thanks to its portability.

A roll-up zippered door with an integrated ribbon that may be used to secure it open is also featured on this greenhouse. This makes it simple to care for your plants, provide ventilation when necessary, and zipper it tightly shut to keep them safe.

Things we like:

This little greenhouse is transportable and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. It is lightweight and simple to move.

Rolled-up zipper doors: Easy access, ventilation, or keeping a steady indoor atmosphere are all made possible with roll-up zippered doors.

Solid steel construction: For toughness and resistance to the elements.

What we don’t like:

PVC cover: Will not allow as much light through as polycarbonate or glass panels.

The clear PVC cover lets light in while not being quite as transparent as glass or polycarbonate, and it offers a strong, reasonably priced, and shatterproof alternative.

This greenhouse is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use because it is lightweight but sturdy and long-lasting. This mobile compact greenhouse is perfect for moving around your yard to protect established plants and for germinating seeds in balconies and other tight spaces.

2. Mini Greenhouse with 4 Tiers

You may grow seeds and cultivate plants in this small greenhouse in any season or weather because it can be used both indoors and outdoors. This greenhouse is tiny enough to fit on your balcony, back porch, or even in your sunroom at 40 x 20 x 63 inches!

Despite its little depth, the wide shape means that it has plenty of room for your plants and seedlings. It is also one of the most reasonably priced mini greenhouses available.

This greenhouse has a PE cover that will keep the humidity levels optimum for seed germination while also shielding your plants from the wind and rain. With the help of four zippers and touch fasteners, you can regulate the temperature and humidity within the greenhouse while still having access to take care of your plants.

Steel that has been powder coated is strong and resistant to rust, and wear is used for the greenhouse’s frame and shelves. Depending on your demands, you can remove panels to make more room or adjust the panels to fit more seedlings. Each shelf can sustain up to 20 pounds.

The greenhouse will be simple to put together by yourself; all you have to do is use PVC joints to assemble the frame and shelves.

Things we like:

Small: The greenhouse is tiny enough to fit on a balcony but wide enough to offer enough space, 

Versatile: The greenhouse may be closed off to keep a constant temperature and humidity or opened for simple access or ventilation thanks to four zippers and a number of touch fasteners.

Affordable: The cost of this greenhouse is really fair.

What we don’t like:

Low build quality: Online reviewers claim that while the shelves may slightly twist and are not of the best quality, they are nevertheless entirely functional.

Value: Despite the fact that it might not last indefinitely, this greenhouse offers outstanding value. This kit is for you if you’re seeking for a small, reasonably priced tiny greenhouse to raise plants and seedlings for a season or two.

Given that it can fit on a balcony and is compact enough to fit, this multipurpose greenhouse is ideal for anyone who lives in an apartment and needs space for a number of plants and seedlings. It would also be a smart choice for students or anyone on a tight budget because it is affordable and portable.

3. Giantex Portable Greenhouse Made of Wood

This portable greenhouse has a beautiful design that makes it perfect for use both indoors and outdoors as a functional and ornamental item. Whether inside your sunroom or outside in your yard, the chic wooden frame will look lovely.

Online reviews attest to the wooden frame’s solid construction and sturdiness. The lid can be fixed open so you can appreciate your plants and flowers, or it can be closed to regulate temperature and moisture.

At over 40 by 25 by 15 inches, this greenhouse appears to be much larger than it actually is. You can fit multiple potted plants or seed trays within.

Because it is portable, you can move it about your yard, balcony, or patio as your needs change or carry it inside if you need extra indoor area. Additionally, it may be disassembled without the use of any special equipment for simple travel or storage because all of the parts are removable.

As it is lightweight, this style of the tiny greenhouse may be blown around in strong winds because it doesn’t come with stakes or other means of fastening it, unlike some other models. Online reviewers claim that assembling the greenhouse is fairly simple, but they also complain that the instructions are not particularly clear.

Things we like: 

Beautiful design: This looks great indoors or out, thanks to the gorgeous oak frame.

Lightweight and very portable: The greenhouse may be disassembled quickly for transportation.

Versatile: You can leave the lid open for aesthetic reasons or close it to create a greenhouse climate.

What we don’t like:

Unsecure: This greenhouse lacks security mechanisms and could be blown around in a strong wind. Although this lightweight Giantex greenhouse may not be the best in windy situations, you can easily move it to safety in such circumstances, thanks to its great portability. Overall, it is a well-built, robust, and simple to assemble micro greenhouse.

Its magnificent design will offer beauty to your patio, balcony, or even inside your house by adding some greenery!

4. MINI LOP Miniature Pop-Up Shelter

Pop-up construction makes it simple to set up in a matter of minutes. The greenhouse only needs to be removed from the bag, set up, and staked into the ground (included in the pack).

It is made of transparent PVC, which allows light to pass through while blocking wind and rain. This is supported by a thin, alloy steel frame, which makes it portable and lightweight.

This design will not withstand harsh circumstances like strong winds as it is not as stable as miniature greenhouses with sturdy steel frames. However, the ground stakes do offer some support and solidity.

The greenhouse is completely portable because it is both lightweight and has an open bottom. Additionally, there is a zipper window for ventilation and simple access.

Things we like:

Set up: This greenhouse is simple to set up and take down, taking only a few minutes each.

Compact: Whether indoors or outside, this tiny greenhouse will fit in limited locations.

Portable: You can easily move this greenhouse around depending on your needs because it is compact and lightweight.

What we don’t like:

Strength: This little greenhouse is not the strongest or most stable one available, and it might not withstand severe winds.

This is a great option for anyone looking for a greenhouse they can store between usage, despite not being the toughest or most stable micro greenhouse on the market.

The pop-up design of this greenhouse makes it simple to deconstruct and fold up, in addition to making it simple to install. This implies that you can erect it as needed and then store it away when not in use.

5. Zenport Balcony Mini Greenhouse

This tiny greenhouse, which is only one foot tall, is made for raising seedlings in confined spaces. If you wish to grow taller plants, you can remove the wire shelf, depending on how many you want to grow. You might not have enough room.

Transparent acrylic used for the cover will allow light to enter and nourish your plants. The cover is waterproof as well, shielding delicate, fragile plants from the elements.

Steel that has been powder-coated gives the structure added sturdiness and durability. Its deep, organic green powder coating is something we particularly appreciate.

Being one of the least expensive types you’ll discover on the market. This greenhouse is also quite reasonably priced.

Things we like: 

Attractive design: It has an attractive design that is compact and well-organized with a lovely green finish.

Steel frame: This small greenhouse is resistant to the elements and harsh treatment because of its steel frame.

Affordably priced: Regardless of your financial situation, you’ll adore this greenhouse.

What we don’t like:

Small Size: Only smaller plants can fit in this greenhouse; however, you can allow larger plants by removing the shelf.

In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to put this greenhouse together and use it. Even though it isn’t the biggest mini-greenhouse, it is still reasonably priced, modest, and a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to raise a few seedlings.

6. VIVOSUN Mini Lean-to Greenhouse

With dimensions of 39.3 x 78.7 x 82.6 inches and a more roomy design, this compact greenhouse can accommodate larger shrubs or climbers as well as plants on three tiers of shelves. When staked and braced against a supporting wall, its sturdy metal frame offers a high level of stability.

A PE cover on the greenhouse allows sunshine to enter while obstructing UV rays that could harm young plants.

You have access to your plants through a door on one side, which also serves as ventilation when necessary. The door can also be zippered shut to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity.

It is extremely stable and resistant to the weather, including severe winds, because to the lean-to design. The disadvantage of this is that it limits where you can install your greenhouse and prevents it from being really portable.

Things we like

Design: We appreciate the sturdy lean-to design. For a high level of stability, affix this greenhouse with stakes to a supporting wall.

Plenty of room: Larger plants or many seedlings can be accommodated in this walk-in greenhouse.

The side door on a PE cover: With a side door for access and ventilation, to maintain the desired temperature and humidity levels.

What we don’t like:

No portability: Since you can’t relocate this greenhouse very quickly, it’s best to pick a location and leave it there.

With this mini-greenhouse, you’ll have everything you need to get started, including a shelf unit for holding pots or seed trays. It’s not ideal for growing plants indoors or in very compact locations. Still, it’s a fantastic alternative for anyone wishing to grow more plants on a balcony, patio, or in a small yard where you can support them against a wall.

7. Mini Walk-In Greenhouse for Nova Microdermabrasion

Another micro greenhouse type that is on the roomier end of the spectrum is this one. This 57 x 57 x 77-inch walk-in greenhouse has enough area for two sets of three-tier shelves, allowing you to produce tall stacks of seeds or numerous cuttings.

Your plants are shielded from the elements by a PE cover that is attached to a strong, powder-coated metal frame. The PE cover is transparent and completely waterproof, so it will prevent pests and frost while allowing sunshine to enter.

Although officially an indoor or outdoor greenhouse, considering its relatively vast proportions and bottomless construction, it is arguably better suited to outdoor areas. The latter also facilitates simple drainage because you may just let water flow out the bottom.

It would work nicely in a patio, deck, or small yard but is too big for little areas like long balconies.

What we like: 

Roomy: This greenhouse is roomy and can accommodate many plants and seedlings.

User-friendly design: Despite its large size, it is simple to assemble, and the walk-in design makes accessing it simple and hassle-free.

Stable: This greenhouse will hold up well in any situation because of its sturdy metal structure, robes, and anchors for anchoring it to the ground.

What we don’t like:

Shelves: Some consumers have complained that the provided shelves are flimsier than they would like, thus, they might be stronger. The shelves are flimsy, according to some online reviews, but this can be fixed by anchoring them with zip ties, they added.

This greenhouse has a sturdy metal frame and also has ropes and anchors for further stability. A roll-up zippered door is also present for convenient access and ventilation. Additionally, it is simple to install—you don’t need any special tools to do it yourself!

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