Why Is Renewable Energy Use Growing?


Renewable energy has so far been the only type of fuel to be mostly immune from Covid-19 measures. The demand for other types such as coal or nuclear power have declined.  Renewables generally maintain their output while demand for other forms is on a steady decline, with global use increasing by nearly 1% in Q1 2020 over last year’s figures. 

Despite supply chain disruptions that have paused or delayed activity in several key regions, the expansion of solar power is expected to help renewable electricity generation grow by nearly 5% this year. This growth rate may be smaller than anticipated before Covid-19 but it’s still impressive given how quickly things can change.

Reasons of Growth

Because its sustainable and easy to access

The world is quickly running out of resources and we need to find solutions that don’t harm or deplete nature. Renewable energy, such as solar panels on your home which produce power without emitting greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), can help us do this by sustainably producing clean electricity 24/7 all year round!

It does not cause harm to the environment

The demand for clean and renewable energy is growing, because it does not harm the environment.Renewable energies like solar panels or wind turbines produce no air pollution because they don’t rely heavily upon carbon fuels (which emit greenhouse gases). In addition there has been little wildlife mortality associated with offshore farms producing algae biofuel.

The sources are present in abundance

If you’ve been curious about the reasons behind this growth in renewable energy, then look no further. According to recent studies by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), fossil fuels are predicted to decrease globally while there is an increased forecast for solar power plants and wind turbines across many countries around our planet!

With the renewable energy sector being such a hotbed for job opportunities, it’s no surprise that three times as many people work within this field than there are working with fossil fuels here in America today. And it seems like those figures will only rise over time too because of all these benefits. Not only do careers involve higher wages but they’re also economically beneficial and environmentally friendly which means you could be doing yourself some good while making an honest living at once-all rolled up into one industry so what more could anyone ask?


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