Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping in 2022


If you enjoy hiking a lot or want to live in a green RV, you are aware of the value of power energy. You must have fully charged cameras and smartphones before you may light up the campsite at night. 

We believe the RavPower 16 Watt Solar Panel is your best choice if you only require electricity generation to keep your devices charged. The Renogy 100 Watt Foldable Solar Suitcase is a fantastic option if your power requirements are more demanding.

Here is our complete ranking of the top travel solar panels for outdoor activities.

1. 24W solar panel by RAVPower for solar charging

The three USB ports and waterproof foldable camping charger RavPower work with tablets, iPhones, and Note devices. With 24W solar charging technology, charging efficiency can rise by between 21.5 and 23.5 percent.

RAVPower is portable and contains three USB ports, each of which incorporates iSmart technology. It is capable of automatically determining the best-charging current for every connected item, up to 2.4A per port or 4.8A altogether when used in direct sunshine.

It increases port power by three, and intelligent IC frequency technology aids in detecting and distributing output current equally to all three USB ports, ensuring that every item is charged equitably.

The conversion rate and output wattage of a solar panel may be greatly reduced if it is placed directly on the sand, concrete, rock, or any surface with a high heat conduction capacity.

2. 100Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Foldable Portable Solar Suitcase from Renogy

This retractable solar suitcase by Renogy is adjustable and resistant to corrosion. For durability, it has an aluminum stand, heavy-duty locks, and a handle. It measures 19.9 x 27.2 x 2.8 inches when folded.

Foldable 100 Watt 12 Volt Solar Suitcase From Renogy With Voyager

The Renogy has a daily output of 500 watt-hours, which is dependent on sunlight availability. It works with flooded, sealed, gel, and lithium batteries. It includes a built-in 20A 5-stage solar charge controller to prevent overcharging.

3. The 100-watt monocrystalline solar panel from Goal Zero Boulder

Another great solar panel for campers is the 100-watt monocrystalline Goal Zero model. Boulder 100 watts are ideal for installation thanks to their weather-resistant design, tempered glass, and robust anodized aluminum frame.

Boulder 100-watt monocrystalline solar panel from Goal Zero

The Goal Zero Boulder is portable because it is lightweight and tiny. Without additional connections, adapters, or charging controllers, you may simply plug in.

4. Renogy Monocrystalline 100Watt Solar Panel for 12 Volts

The Renogy100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel is another excellent solar panel for campers. It works perfectly for charging 12-volt batteries, and numerous panels can be connected in series for grid-tied applications or charging batteries at 24 or 48 volts.

100 watt 12-volt monocrystalline solar panel from Renogy (Compact Design)

Snow loads of 5400Pa and strong winds of 2400Pa can be withstood by the Renogy solar panel. It lasts longer due to its sturdy aluminum structure. It has a maximum System Voltage of up to 600V DC and is compatible with both on-grid and off-grid inverters (UL). One of the top solar panels for boats was also this one.

5. DOKIO Monocrystalline 100 Watt 12 Volt Foldable Solar Panel with Charge Controller

Another great solar panel for campers is the Dokio Solar Panel with Charge Controller. It weighs 5.2 pounds, is 0.2 inches thick, and has a 100W power output.

It has a sewn-in thick fabric pocket and is foldable. With this monocrystalline solar cell with high efficiency, you may obtain high efficiency.

6. Off-Grid Polycrystalline Portable Foldable Solar Panel, HQST 100Watt

The HQST 100Watt portable solar system also features incredibly efficient polycrystalline panels, a convenient travel bag, and reliable aluminum stands. The controller and batteries are separated by 10 feet of cable and an HQST 20A PWM Controller.

100-watt 12-volt monocrystalline portable folding solar panel from HQST

It can charge your batteries more correctly thanks to the inbuilt temperature sensor because it can automatically take accurate temperature correction into consideration. The 20A controller works with both 12V and 24V systems and includes an LCD that is simple to read. This plug-and-play HQST 100W Polycrystalline Solar Suitcase is ideal.

7. 200 Watt Portable Solar Panel Kit from ACOPOWER

The Grade A monocrystalline solar panels on the 200 Watt ACOPOWER are equipped with a 20A waterproof charge controller, alligator clips, and an MC4 connector, making it the perfect solar panel for charging 12V batteries.

With four 50 W solar panels mounted in pairs, it is portable. For a simple connection to a battery unit or RV, it is pre-installed and contains MC4 connectors or an Anderson plug.

It is lightweight and portable thanks to its metal frame, lock latches, corner protectors, and carrying handle. Use the solar roof load calculator before installing it on the roof to ensure safety.

8. The ECO-WORTHY 20 Watts Epoxy Solar Panel 

The solar panel is equipped with a 2m Cable and 30A Clip for 12V Camping Battery Charger is a full and user-friendly solar panel that is ideal for campers. As a result of its modest weight, it is portable. Eco-Worthy 20 Watts can be used as a trickle charger and has a free solar charge.

9. 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit from ACOPOWER

ACOPOWER 100Watt solar panels are built with a sturdy frame and two 50-watt solar panels are joined in pairs for transportation. It is weatherproof to IP65 standards for use outside. Because it is already installed, setting it up is simple. The installation of the battery unit for campers, RVs, and trailers is made simple by the MC4 connectors and Anderson plug.

The 100W solar panel from ACOPOWER is perfect for RV trailers. It has a built-in charge controller for a 12-volt battery and an MC4 connector design for a solar generator, making it battery and generator ready. Both a solar generator and a 12-volt RV battery can be charged simultaneously.

The Wanderer 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit from Renogy.

Depending on the availability of sunshine, the Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt solar panel can charge a 50Ah battery from half full in one and a half hours and has an optimal output of up to 1000Wh per day.

Equipped with a reversed battery and a negative grounding controller, which guards against overloading, short circuits, and excessive charging and discharging.

It can be utilized on a car with a negative battery terminal, particularly on the chassis. The Renogy Wanderer 30A PWM Charge Controller allows you to add up to 400W to your system.

11. Goal Zero Boulder 50 solar panel with Yeti 400 lithium solar generator kit

The Goal ZeroYeti 400 Lithium solar panel is another excellent portable solar panel for camping. It supports the charging of cell phones, iPads, and photography gear. It also has a number of enhanced outputs, such as a pure sine AC inverter, to help make sure you always have the power you require.

Goal Zero’s lightweight lithium batteries provide long run times and have an 18-month shelf life. For improved management and safety, its high-quality cells have additional monitoring electronics. The 50-watt Boulder 50 Solar Panel has an aluminum frame, strong tempered glass, and extra corner protection for installation either temporarily or permanently. It has an integrated kickstand that enables the ideal sun angle.

12. Jackery’s Powerpro 500 Portable Power Station Generator Kit with a 100W Solar Panel

With a 100W solar panel, the Jackery PowerPro 500 includes a rechargeable battery. It is a 500-watt-hour capacity all-in-one outdoor generator that can power your laptop, smartphone, TV, tiny refrigerator, and coffee maker. They make the best solar electricity for portable refrigerators.

Due to its tiny size, the camper fridge powered by solar energy uses less power. The solar panel is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for outdoor activities or unforeseen power disruptions.

You have a variety of outlets to put your gadgets into, including two 5V/2.1A USB ports, a 500W peak AC outlet, a 12V/120W car socket, and 110V/300W continuous. It comes with an LED flashlight that provides illumination for cabins, camping, and unplanned outages.

13. Nomad 20 solar panel from Goal Zero

The Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel is an additional product from the company. Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel can be folded and is extremely sturdy in addition to being a small, backpack-friendly item. Additionally, it includes three solar panels that can be rolled up or folded after usage. You can expose the solar panels to the sun to charge them more.

Commonly used gadgets including GPS, 12V gadgets, MP3 players, digital cameras, and cellphones are compatible with the Goal Zero Nomad 20. It is collapsible, has a tough design, and is weather resistant while capturing 7 watts of solar energy from the sun.

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