Clever Modern Solution for a Small Urban Dwelling



The interior design of this 34-square-meter apartment in Kyiv is a clever example of how to make the most of a small space. Despite its compact size, the open-plan design allows for several functional zones, including a kitchen, dining room, vanity table, bed with a home theater, a cozy balcony, and a bathroom. The use of built-in storage helps to keep the space efficient and visually clean.

34 square meter space 3

The color scheme throughout the apartment is neutral and calming, with warm wood furnishings contrasting against the decorative concrete floor and white-grey walls. Terrazzo textures and contrasted gray smoothens of floors and textiles create a visually striking juxtaposition. A unique dining table with upholstered bench siting arrangement give a modern urban feel to the open plan living area.

34 square meter space 4

The characteristic console table together with the elegant chairs from Billiani clearly defines the eating nook. We love the bespoke wooden construct that give a functional separation between the eating, working and relaxation zones, separated from the kitchen appliances. A clever and functional solution for small urban apartment.

34 square meter space 6

Although the owners of the apartment consider it a temporary place to live for their daughter as a student, this stylish design showcases how smart housing can be an effective solution for urban living with a focus on travel, mobility and contemporary minimalism. Architect: Yevheniia Dubrovska; Year: 2019; Location: Kyiv; Area: 36 sq.m; Photo: Yevhenii Avramenko;

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34 square meter space 5

34 square meter space 1

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