Maximalist Entryway Redo – Before and After Photos



Not all renovations are massive projects that require a complete overhaul of a room. Sometimes the rooms you dream of changing up the most are uninspired spaces you use every day — maybe a bedroom that lacks chill-friendly decor or a dining area that feels ho-hum. Or maybe, as in the case of Phallan Davis (@farmhouse_1921), that space is the entryway, which Phallan says was beautiful but entirely boring.

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Though she had recently replaced the old front door and refinished the floors, Phallan says her home’s main entrance still felt drab. “It was a letdown once you walked through the beautiful new door,” she explains. A small table and chair in the nook of the stairs was a start, but the setup still felt dwarfed by the rest of the space.

Phallan’s goal: Turn this practical pass-through entryway into a centerpiece that would spark joy the second guests stepped inside. “I wanted a stylish and globally-inspired space to match other elements in my home,” says Phallan. “I love antiques and vintage finds, but my entry didn’t reflect my love of either. So, I set out to bring warmth and character into the space.”

Phallan pulled off the redo with mostly decor, though she did hire a handyman to install a new-to-her vintage pendant light that feels grand enough to complement the curving staircase. While the entryway itself remained white, Phallan did paint the adjoining room bold orange — a color that peeks out from the opening.

Still, the entire process of making over this entryway took about seven weeks because Phallan was committed to furnishing the area with mostly resale items, which can be slow going. “It took some time to find just the right pieces,” she says. “For example, I wanted a vintage lantern for the entry. My last light was a quick fix, and I never loved it.”

Another now-favorite Phallan held out for? An entryway table. Patience proved fruitful when she scored just what she was looking for on Facebook Marketplace. “It was the perfect table, but it was located two hours from me,” she says. “Luckily, the seller held the table for me. And it’s ideal for the space.”

“I love everything about the space,” says Phallan. “But what I love most is how the French door reflects light in the area and allows sunlight the bounce around the room.” What’s more, Phallan says she’s proud that she was able to primarily source resale items and support small businesses.

If you’re embarking on your own entryway redo, especially one meant to showcase your personality, Phallan has a word of advice: “People should look at their entryways from different vantage points,” she says. “How it looks from one view will differ from another place. So make sure everything looks good from every angle. Also, find what works for your home, not what’s popular.” Hear, hear!


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