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If you’re like the majority of folks who make New Year’s resolutions, the impending downside is that your newfound goals usually fizzle out by month’s end. That’s especially true for those of us who (year after year) resolve to implement healthy lifestyle changes — believe me, I’m speaking from experience. But, instead of making you feel discouraged, our staff here at AT is determined to helping you keep that meal prep routine going for as long as possible, and that entails sharing tools that’ll make the daily process less complicated. The truth is, it’s not hard to eat nutritious meals every day if they’re prepared and ready to go by the time lunch rolls around. However, time and convenience are a luxury, and all too often, the newly bought greens in the fridge just end up going bad.

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Not to worry: Earlier last year, one of our editors discovered an Amazon product that made her more inclined to prepare and eat salads on a regular basis. We recently found the same product on QVC, and it won’t cost you a fortune. The Bentgo glass salad container is your new holy grail for sustained healthy meal planning.

For just $25, you can snag this airtight, leak-proof, and easily portable glass salad box. It comes with its own snap-on lid, as well as a small dressing container, reusable fork, and removable compartment tray. The latter allows you to add and separate various toppings, such as eggs, chicken, and grains. Even after hours of sitting in your lunchbox, the ingredients will remain fresh and won’t get soggy before it’s time to eat. Britt, our assistant shopping editor, tried the Bentgo box and said it’s durable but not too heavy, as other glass containers tend to be. In other words, it’s the perfect item to bring along on your work commute.

Britt also credits this product with promoting healthier eating habits, as well as saving money by preventing lettuce from spoiling. “I love salad, but up until now, I hadn’t taken the time to get anything to properly store it,” she shared. “I like that instead of just having one big salad made, I can break it up into different containers to grab and eat for lunch or dinner easily. No more letting romaine wilt in the fridge drawer unattended.” Even if you buy two or more of these handy containers, you’ll have no problems storing them because they’re so compact. So, grab yours now in gray, white, light blue, or lavender, and feel more confident as you embark on your path of planning more nutrient-dense eats.


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