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Russian interior design studio Alina Sulina design was founded in 2020 working with both residential and public spaces with a minimalist approach to design. They share one of the projects finished this year that became unusual for their portfolio.

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A description by Alina Sulina design studio: Our clients bought this apartment in the center of the Russian city Voronezh for renting purposes. The apartment is only 33 sq. meters. and the goal was to make it a hotel-like space where a person can live for at least several days. The budget and deadlines were extreme. We only had 2 months and 1 month took to develop a project. The limited budget became a key point for using color as a tool for design solutions.

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To minimize costs we took many elements from the closest hardware stores. For example, the wardrobe was made from ready-made shutters, we’ve just painted them and put them on a rail system. The countertop was made from plywood with mosaic on it, the rest of the mosaic we used on the bedside table. Tile makers were not happy about our design decisions but clients liked it from first sight.

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The headboard was also made from plywood sliced in a hardware store and painted on sight. It took some time to find the right shade so that the wood profile is still visible. We finished the apartment in two months but it never got on rent since a student daughter of our clients loved it so much that she decided to live there herself.

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