We all have a responsibility to protect our planet from harm and preserve it for future generations who deserve better than what we have given them today. So it’s important to think about these issues when deciding the power your home uses and what type of electricity you purchase from your utility company because it can affect your wallet and the planet at large. 

If everyone switched over to renewable sources like solar panels or wind turbines today, this would reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically and help us avoid some serious consequences down the road because non-renewable resources are usually bad for the environment. 

Most non-renewable energy resources produce carbon dioxide as a byproduct. According to most climatologists, CO2 gets trapped in the atmosphere and becomes the main cause of climate change.

Economically, non-renewable resources pose a problem as well. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever; there will never be another chance to extract them from the earth again. This means that once we use up all our oil or coal, we won’t have any more leftover, leading to economic collapse if we don’t find an alternative fuel source soon enough.

Resources such as oil and coal create long-term problems that humans can’t solve with renewable energy sources. They also make our air dirty, which is a big problem for people with respiratory issues or children whose lungs aren’t fully developed yet since they rely on clean-air delivery systems to deliver these messages. Hence, consumers know what’s at stake when using defective products.

Renewable energies are becoming more popular because producing them takes less effort. It produces tons of fewer greenhouse gases over time than fossil fuels like coal-fired plants generate high levels of sulfur dioxide gas that has been linked not just to earth warming climate human health implications too.

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