The truth is that fully transitioning to a renewable energy economy will require tremendous, and some argue unsustainable amounts of raw materials. Renewable energy sources have lower energy density than fossil fuels so they often require more power from other sources per volume in order Capture the same amount for your home or business.

Why do we still burn fossil fuels to produce energy?

It’s complicated and can vary, though there are a few common reasons.

Cost Issues

It is an issue of cost. Our economies have been built around the use of fossil fuels and it will take clear plans to provide predictability for businesses before they can switch over completely with renewable sources such as solar or wind energy.

Habit Of Using Fossil Fuel

The ease and familiarity of fossil fuels are probably the biggest reason for not switching to other kinds of fuel. Many people simply do not want change, as they feel if it’s working then why fix it? For example: “if your car doesn’t break down often enough on its own then don’t buy an electric one”.

Convenience- The Ready Made Fuel

Fossil fuels have a ready-made quality that sets them apart from other energy sources. Fossil fuel can be accessed anywhere, anytime because there is no need for cooperative weather or time of day when using this type of power generation method as opposed to solar energy which has limited uses since it’s dependent on sunlight and hampered by nightfall.

Easy To Transport

It’s not just the availability of renewable energy sources that limits their use. The challenge lies in managing these resources so they can be stored for later when we need them, such as during winter or an emergency situation.

This makes fossil fuels far superior because it is much easier to transport large amounts over long distances using pipelines rather than shipping bulk containers across oceans on ships each time there are more urgent needs.

Fossil fuels have been a tried and true way for humans since they first started using them. They offer convenience, affordability as well as being able to create power from nothing by burning something.


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