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The journey of an entrepreneur is more than simply attaining an expensive business education. At the same time, the reality for several business owners and entrepreneurs could be stressful and risky. Yet, not many business owners are set for a job.

Addressing the uncertainty and barriers that business owners may face, Paul Arnold, as a Business Strategy Coach, Wealth Consultant, and owner of Business Success Strategy Coaching, is one of those who support the wanna-be entrepreneurs to plan and improve into a successful business, emphasizing on what’s more important.

He is concerned about not only the financial or strategic dimension of business growth but also covers three pillars, i.e., Finances, Business Strategy, and Mindset. By enabling them to work smarter rather than harder, entrepreneurs can align themselves to improve their business revenue.

In addition, he has written a book called “Business Success Strategy Principles,” which outlines around 20 principles that business owners can use to make their businesses more efficient.

Let us dive deep into Paul’s inspiring journey!

An Accomplished Business

Paul has established around seven businesses over the past 14 years, with his most recent business generating him a six-figure income within one year. In 2018, he had purchased a business club, which was a local business networking group, where he sought an opportunity to work with successful entrepreneurs in the local community.

Additionally, he has interviewed established millionaire entrepreneurs, including Bruce Linton, W. Brett Wilson, JT Foxx, and Steve Cody. Through these interviews and his experience in business, he was inspired to write his first book, titled “Business Strategy Success Principles,” which was released internationally in July 2022 through Morgan James Publishing.

Paul also acquired his certification in Business Analysis and is currently completing an MBA in Management Consulting through York St. John University.

To Live a Business Dream

Paul helps business owners from soup-to-nuts, from A-Z; from starting their businesses, improving their mindset, to creating wealth for their future. His vision is to help entrepreneurs become their best versions and ignite their lives by owning their truth and formulating a successful strategy so they can run and live their business dream.

To meet the objective, he plays several roles in progressing his business. For instance, he guides business owners to seek authority in the market by positioning themselves as published authors, further having an opportunity to be published with assistance of a New York publisher.

Furthermore, businesses are encouraged to create financial freedom for the future through his certified expertise in financial planning and investing.

Paul notes, “I will show you how to create a mastermind business club in your own community, celebrate yourself with like-minded, positive individuals, be accountable, and stay inspired. Finally, as is a certified financial planner and registered investor, I will help you create financial freedom for your future.”

Serving the How-To’ s

Paul addresses business entrepreneurs and meets them where they are by tapping on his own carved solutions. He makes sure to serve their needs through programs and coaching sessions that last anywhere between two or three months.

These involve:

  • Executive Business Coaching: 3-month program
  • Ignite Your Life Coaching: 3-month program
  • Write Your Book: book writing workshop and 2-month group coaching
  • How to start your Mastermind Business Club guide
  • Soup-to-nuts Business Success: Branding & Marketing
  • Executive Business Strategy Success Planning
  • Financial Consulting and Hedge Fund investing

The Importance of Mindset and Business Strategy

Paul’s strategic blend of mindset shift and creating a successful business strategy is what sets him apart from other business strategy consultants and wealth coaches within the industry.

Besides being a credible business strategy consultant, i.e., a Certified Business Analyst and an MBA Management Consultant, he walks through the change management processes faced by entrepreneurs, helping them understand risk and implement a sound execution strategy. Those businesses who are in their start-up phase are also supported through the steps of creating a logo, brand, marketing, team building and scaling their business.

Paul further addresses their growth towards financial freedom through his 14 years of expertise as a wealth consultant, encouraging them to grow and preserve their wealth.

Carving a Road Map

Paul’s desire to offer budding entrepreneurs with a road map and blueprint for developing a successful business inspired him to author the book, “Business Strategy Success Principles.”

He wanted to help established business owners, who felt stuck in their business with some new ideas to implement in order to grow. Sharing his insight about the book, he puts, “I share some of the mistakes I made in my own businesses as well as some of the unique strategies of successful millionaire entrepreneurs.”

Seeking Technological Advantage

Paul utilizes the latest technologies for building and promoting his business, including lead generation and sales funnels. He has researched and consulted with a global bank on how to improve technology and organizational culture to be better positioned for the future.

He marks, “I am very well versed in social media marketing with over 10,000 followers. I run multiple Facebook groups to help entrepreneurs with mindset and deeper insights not your soul’s journey. I have researched and consulted with global bank on how to improve technology and organizational culture to be better positioned for the future.”

Moreover, the 2020 pandemic inspired him to start an annual event called the Adapt and Overcome Innovation and Strategy Summit. The event brings business owners and entrepreneurs together to share ideas. In its progression into its third year, attendees discuss various topics, including health and wellness, sales and marketing, branding and social media, the economy, and investing.

Understanding Risk

Paul faced several challenges in his career that allowed him to understand what the market needed rather than viewing the world through rose-colored glasses. With the progression of time, he realized that it is worth investing time in market research and questioning those already in the industry to ensure a business can grow successfully. Further, he mentions, “create a product or service that people will buy.

Having developed business leadership skills, he learned the importance of understanding risk. He believed that it was easy to change direction on a whim. However, in business, when a business leader has spent years building a brand that your customers are happy with, it can be risky to make large changes to the brand. Hence, he suggests that, by understanding and evaluating risk, it is easier to understand and measure the consequences versus the opportunities of change.

It’s Worth Investing

Paul has worked with business coaches who have assisted him in gaining clarity and focus in order to move his business forward. “It is worth investing the money if it helps someone achieve their goals sooner and grow their business faster,” – added Paul. He himself has paid up to $1,500 for 15 minutes of coaching from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry.

Walking the path of an experienced leader, Paul advises, “Aspiring entrepreneurs must seek a coach who is already in the business, rather than doing it alone. It will allow you to learn from it, rather than making mistakes and taking longer to get to their goal.”

Envisioning the Future

Paul envisions that his next plan is to write a book. After writing the book – “Business Strategy Success Principles,” he feels like he is hit by the book writing fever! He demonstrates his interest in writing books on areas closely related to – ‘How to invest money, grow, and protect your financial wealth.’ or a fictional one inspired by faith and spirituality, which he is quite fascinated by.

While he is on his venture to scale the business, Paul comments that “I place a keen importance on bringing together a set of team members that would complement your skills and are generalists while the business grows.

Additionally, he further relies on virtual assistants to help manage administration and keep costs manageable.

Readers’ Words

I think many of us who start businesses just do it and figure it out. I can say from experience I wish I had this book before I started my consulting firm. The book is full of tools and tips and worksheets. It’s very application friendly. I found the top 5 reasons businesses fail to be great objective criteria for me to consider even once a business is started. I will be sharing this book with friends and clients. It’s a well worthwhile read.”– Rob

This book is perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs, and founders! Paul captures the essence of what it takes to find success in business, and his book is a great read that is truly inspiring.”- Anonymous

I sincerely wish I had this book when I started my renovating business years ago.” – Francis

If you own a business or are thinking of starting one, you definitely need to check out this book!”- Shannon


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