The sun’s surface is constantly moving, with some areas of it more active than others. When these active regions release energy, they send particles and radiation into space at high speeds known as solar flares. These particles can reach Earth within minutes to hours after being released from the sun.

Solar flares are sudden bursts of energy that occur in the sun’s atmosphere. Even though solar energy is beneficial in so many ways, these waves can cause adverse effects. They can temporarily alter the upper atmosphere. Explosions on the sun’s surface are the primary source of solar flares, and they release radiation in all directions. 

The effects of a flare depend on its strength and how close it is to Earth when it occurs. The flares can cause disruptions to radio communications, power grids, and satellites. We can feel these effects all over the world. 

Here are some of the effects of solar flares discussed in detail:


Solar flares produce beautiful auroras, also known as northern lights or southern lights when charged particles interact with atoms in our atmosphere, which you might be able to see if you live near enough to either pole. 

Auroras are most commonly seen in Alaska, Iceland, Scandinavia, and Canada, but there are reports of the auroras occurring as far south as Texas!    

Solar Storms

Solar flares can cause the upper atmosphere to heat up, which in turn causes radio waves to bounce off of it. This phenomenon is called a solar storm. Solar storms are caused by solar flares and other events on the sun’s surface that release energy in all directions. 

These storms can affect satellites orbiting Earth. These can also disrupt power grids and communications systems on Earth, causing trouble for the human population.

Electrical Equipment Failure

Solar flares often cause brief radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms in Earth’s upper atmosphere, affecting electrical equipment such as transformers. Due to these storms in the upper atmosphere, people can face electronic device failure.

These solar storms can cause disturbance in voltage due to effects on the transformers, which lie in the storm range.

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Are Solar rays harmful?

Solar rays are harmful sometimes if you come in contact in a way that is not advised. But if you are coming in contact with precautions, they can be helpful health-wise and tech-wise. They are our unlimited source of vitamin D and solar energy, which is considered very efficient.

Can solar flares cause adverse health effects?

Solar storms emit harmful radiation that can cause organ damage and, in rarer instances, death. Exposure to radiation from solar storms can also result in radiation sickness or even cancer. You should take precautions when leaving your home with a solar flare warning, although the storms are unusual.


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