Natural Beauty Of Clay at Urban Coffee Ziegelfeld



Sleek urban coffee Ziegelfeld impresses with an earthly accent of the extensive red brick claddings. The architect Tatiana Kuva pays homage to the location of the place (where the brick was historically produced) by introducing the different shapes and textures of the traditional red brick and clay tiles into a contemporary, almost industrial context. The coffee shop is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, and offers open, well-light space where an entwinement of silver-gray and red shades gives a well-balanced atmosphere between industrial and cozy.

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Exposed piping, beautiful craftsmanship wooden structures and furniture, and simplicity of lines and shapes sit comfortably on extensive brick and clay tiles compositions. Terracotta-colored upholstery clads the soft sitting benches along the walls of the space and makes the color palette appear monochrome and consistent. The blond wood hues entwine beautifully with the warm tonality of the color base of the composition and the milk gray paint of the industrial components of the design gives a nice contrast without disturbing the monochromasy of the color selection. Custom-created shelving, bar –tables, and small details of the lighting and eirygation systems further extend the character of the red brick décor idea. Autor: Sebastian Nagy Architects; Photo: Matej Hakár;

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