What Are The Examples Of Renewable Energy?


Resources that can be replenished naturally over a reasonably short period of time are referred to be renewable resources. People have the chance to achieve self-sufficiency through individual efforts thanks to renewable resources. Maybe there will come a time when people won’t need to rely on large oil firms to drive them to the grocery store. Check out this list of illustrative renewable resource examples in the interim.

Ethanol as fuel

Glucose is a precursor to alcohol, and more specifically ethanol. More specifically, the starch in corn kernels is the main source of alcohol. In addition to these sources, it can also be harvested from switchgrass, wheat straw, and sugar cane. Ethanol is produced from the photosynthesis of glucose, which produces carbon dioxide and water. 

The most well-known application for this colorless fluid is in the manufacture of automobile engines. Because the energy from the sun, which is gathered during photosynthesis, produces energy when burned, it is a renewable resource. This is sufficient to power a motor vehicle when used in the proper quantity and frequently combined with other fuels. One type of biofuel is this.

Methane Gas

Natural gas includes, for instance, methane. The air always contains it. Every time someone inhales, a small amount of methane is also breathed in. It comes from cattle, greenhouse gas emissions, and other natural sources including wetlands. Methane burns particularly cleanly when compared to its non-renewable alternatives, such as coal or petroleum.

This indicates that compared to other energy sources utilized for the same reasons, methane produces fewer emissions and harmful air contaminants. Methane can therefore be utilized for a variety of purposes, including heating entire homes, generating electricity, and cooking (as in the case of a gas stove).

Geothermal Power

Geothermal energy is the process of extracting useful energy from the heat that is trapped beneath the Earth’s surface. Because it is constantly being created inside the Earth, it is a renewable resource. Buildings and water can be heated and cooled by geothermal heat pumps, which can also use steam to produce power.

The power of geothermal energy can be used to run huge factories that produce a wide range of items for human consumption. Pumping cool water deep into the Earth is how geothermal energy is most frequently used. Naturally, heated water is pushed back up to the surface, where it condenses into steam that powers turbines and other units to generate electricity.

Due to its high predictability and stability, geothermal energy is a preference in power plants. With great accuracy, it makes energy planning easier. On a smaller scale, it can be used as a renewable energy source for houses in rural areas and other smaller buildings.

Energy from Hydrogen

A renewable resource is regarded to be water. In general, it isn’t destroyed as we utilize it; instead, rain replaces it. Hydropower can be generated from water. That is, large volumes of freshwater can be kept in dams and rivers in motion to power hydroelectric facilities. 

A dam controls the water’s flow. Water creates mechanical energy that is utilized to produce electricity when it flows through turbines. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, hydroelectricity was the leading renewable energy source up until 2019.

Ocean Power

An excellent source of sustainable energy is ocean energy. On Earth, oceans are a notable feature. In actuality, seas cover a large portion of the planet. It is possible to harness and utilize this mechanical energy since waves are constantly in motion. Thermal energy is also produced as a result of the ocean’s uneven solar heating. This energy can be captured by using floating systems, channels, and barricades (dams).

Solar Power

Solar energy is one of the most well-known examples of a renewable resource. Solar energy is constantly available since the sun is always shining. It is one of the most plentiful sources of renewable energy as a result. Specialized panels gather solar thermal energy, which can be used to heat buildings and generate power. It can also be used to heat the fluids in power plants and the water in swimming pools. The amount of heat energy that is available fluctuates depending on the weather.

Wind Power

Farms with wind turbines are gaining popularity. These vast fields of never-ending windmills can stretch for hundreds of miles in some places. Power companies may use the wind to create electricity because wind patterns can be predicted, and windmills are strategically placed to take advantage of this. Large electric corporations build windmill farms to light up an entire city or state, eliminating the need for coal and other non-renewable energy sources while allowing families to use wind turbines for electricity in their homes.

Biodiesel Energy

It seems absurd to drive a car on vegetable oil, don’t you think? Well, one of the primary ingredients in biodiesel fuel is vegetable oil and animal fats. It is a gasoline substitute that can be utilized in a wide range of automobiles and machinery. Even better, you can produce your own biodiesel at home.

Anaerobic bacteria are active in landfills and sewage treatment facilities. These decomposers are actively destroying garbage through natural means. They produce a byproduct of methane and carbon dioxide as they feed. Utilizing this biogas, power is produced. In actuality, this is how dairy producers in Wisconsin and Iowa use animal excrement.

Hydrogen as a Fuel

One of the simplest elements and most prevalent atoms on Earth is hydrogen. It is also one of the fundamental components of water. When it is cut off from other elements, its energy propels both cars and rockets. The use of hydrogen fuel has a variety of benefits. However, it is expensive and time-consuming to separate hydrogen from other elements.

Wood and Trees

Trees can naturally reproduce by dropping seedlings and sprouting on their own, or humans can harvest and plant them. The oxygen that trees create is essential for breathing. A renewable resource that can be exploited as a source of energy is trees. 

In addition to producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, which is both essential for human and animal survival, trees also yield wood that may be burned to generate heat. You can prepare meals with wood heat or use it to stay warm.

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