This Laundry Hamper Hack Uses a $30 Kitchen Trick to Keep Your Clothes off the Floor Forever



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DIY expert and content creator Tiffany Tcheng has come up with a brilliant hack that not only hides the laundry basket, but also inspires her kids to pick up their clothes.

In her video tutorial, she cuts a hole on top of her closet built-in and installs a $30 trash can lid, normally used for kitchen counters. In the cabinet below, she slides in a laundry hamper to catch clothes coming down from the chute.

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That’s it! The solution not only conceals the laundry hamper, which adds visual clutter to a room, but thanks to the chute, a fun twist is added to the chore of putting away one’s clothes.

In an interview with Livingetc, Tcheng explained that she initially only wanted to hide the hamper, but decided the closet needed a playful element to it.

“While I was finishing the doors up, I had an idea to cut a hole in the top of the cabinet that would be used to put clothes in. The idea was that they would be dropped straight into the hamper.”

Today, tidying up at the Tcheng household especially in the kids’ bedroom, has become less of a chore. 

“Since installing this chute, I haven’t had to pick up dirty clothes from the floor! My daughter loves it and says it’s really fun to put her clothes in the hamper now.”

Take note that the hamper in the video is quite small. So, if your household uses up a lot of clothes, you’ll need a bigger bin. The same applies to baggy clothes; you’ll need a bigger trash can lid to get items like bulky sweaters and cargo pants to fit through.

Nevertheless, for $30 and an afternoon’s worth of DIYing, it’s a great hack to do — especially if it means never having to pick up dirty socks on the floor ever again.


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