This Company’s Office Has a Tiny House for Every Employee



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A property management company in Missouri has come up with the perfect hybrid home-office setup by giving each employee a tiny house set inside their office. Not exactly WFH, but cute nonetheless.

A video posted by TikTok user @itskylie94 shows her workplace — or is it a neighborhood? — complete with several homes, address numbers based on each person’s birthday, a mini park with water fountains and hammocks, and even a Jeep parked in a garage.

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According to Kylie, the houses were a surprise by her boss, and were based on each employee’s personality. For instance, the pink castle belongs to her employer’s wife, who is described as the sweetest person. 

“Everybody loves the castle,” said Kylie.

The video, which was posted late last month, has reached 34 million views and has received hundreds of comments asking for a tour. In her follow-up video, Kylie reveals that there’s even a red barn, which serves as the office pantry.

In another clip, Kylie gives a tour of her own tiny house. There’s not a lot to see yet, which is understandable since they only moved in a few weeks ago. Still, follwers can’t wait to see how she’ll decorate the space.

Many loved the idea of working from home while not actually working from home. 

“I would never be late omg,” said one commenter, while another added: “I work in a dementia memory care community that is set up like this! It’s fun!”

Others criticized the company, noting issues such as the office having no windows, and the bosses allegedly trying to normalize living at work.

“Well, they are not real houses, just offices with fancy fronts. Meanwhile why not just make regular offices and the money saved can go for employee wage increases,” one comment reads.

Kylie later posted a video answering frequently asked questions, as well as responding to the negative comments.

“The company that I work for is probably the most generous company that I’ve ever worked for in my entire life… And the people that I work for are just, they’re amazing individuals,” she said. “They’re very kind, generous, and they donate to so many good causes. They do more than just give to their employees.”

Here’s hoping more videos are coming, especially when it’s time to decorate for the holidays.


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