The Just-for-Fun Date You Should Take Yourself On, According to Your Zodiac Sign



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When was the last time you took yourself out on a date? Romancing yourself with a fun solo date is a beautiful and effective way to cultivate self-love. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s crucial to honor the myriad forms love can take.

If you’re unsure of how exactly to treat yourself, look no further than your zodiac sign. Astrology offers rich insight into who people are and what they like. In the context of solo dates, you can look at your Sun sign — aka the placement most people mean when they ask, “What’s your sign?” — to understand what stimulates you mentally. If you’re familiar with your full astrological birth chart, you can also consider your Moon sign, which highlights what you find comforting and emotionally fulfilling, or your Venus sign, which speaks to your overall preferences.

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Read on to learn which type of just-for-fun date is written in the stars for all 12 signs of the zodiac.

Aries: Try a fun fitness class

Mars, your ruling planet, governs physical exertion of all kinds. Why not lean into it by signing up for a fun fitness class? Forget slower forms of movement like yoga or pilates; as a high-energy Fire sign, you’ll find the pace and repetitiveness understimulating. Instead, opt for something engaging and fast-paced, such as Zumba, martial arts, or dance classes. You’ll emerge physically and mentally energized.

Taureans are often heralded for their luxurious taste, and for good reason: They’re ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and material possessions. Honor this inclination by treating yourself to a solo shopping spree. It can be as affordable or extravagant as your budget allows. The key here is to indulge something you genuinely love — and by hitting the shops alone, you’ll be able to listen to your Venusian heart without interruptions or outside influence.

Gemini: Set foot on a guided tour

You’ve got enough energy for two, dear Gemini, and your curiosity about the world around you is unmatched. Consider embarking on a guided tour of a park, neighborhood, or attraction in your area. It doesn’t matter which tour you choose so long as it truly piques your interest. Your expert guide will be able to answer any questions you have along the way (and as a Mercury-ruled Air sign, trust me — you’ll have them).

Cancer: Explore a food market or festival

You’re ruled by the Moon, which governs bodies and emotions, so you know a thing or two about nourishment. Keep your mind and body fed with a trip to your local food hall, market, or festival. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to wander freely, interact with vendors, and nosh on new-to-you grub. Cancer is also a sign associated with heritage, so if you’re able to find a foodie event centered around the cuisine of your native country or ancestral homeland, then dig right in.

Leo: Go to a comedy show or open mic night

You love some good old-fashioned entertainment, and you’re especially impressed by solo performers (thank your ruling planet, the Sun, which governs the ego). Embrace your lighthearted, fun-loving nature by attending a comedy show or open mic night in your city. The former option will keep you roaring with laughter, and the latter might grant you an opportunity of your own to steal the spotlight. Either way, you’re sure to have a blast.

Virgo: Attend a class or workshop

With Mercury, the planet of communication and learning, as your ruler, you’re particularly adept at picking up new skills. As an Earth sign, you’re also focused and pragmatic, so you’ll thrive on your own in a class or workshop setting. Whether you set out to learn pottery, coding, or a new language, you’ll find it fun and intellectually fulfilling to expand your mental repertoire. (Bonus points for any courses involving writing, communication, or technology, all of which fall under Mercury’s purview.)

Libra: Visit an art museum

As the zodiac’s other Venus-ruled sign, you can appreciate a beautiful work of art more than most. You’re also an Air sign, which means intellectual enrichment is just as important to you as aesthetics. For your solo date, consider spending an afternoon strolling through your local art museum. You’ll encounter dazzling artworks, exciting exhibitions, and opportunities to learn at every turn.

As a fixed Water sign, you feel your feelings deeply, and you seriously appreciate any creative work that evokes strong emotions. Honor your profound emotional capacity with a trip to your local cinema for a movie screening. You’ll be especially captivated by the poignant storylines and complex characters of dramas, thrillers, or dark comedies. Plus, your ruling planet, Mars, presides over sex and conflict, so you’re totally here for anything macabre or taboo.

Sagittarius: Attend a concert

As the certified stan of the zodiac, you go hard for your faves, musicians included. Have you ever considered attending a concert by yourself? You’ll relish the chance to be fully present at a live performance of an artist you love. Don’t fret about flying solo in a social setting. Your planetary ruler, Jupiter, governs revelries, and as a spontaneous Fire sign, it’s safe to say you bring the party wherever you go. 

Capricorn: Book a staycation or spa day

To you, dear Capricorn, I don’t have to extol the virtues of spending time alone. With disciplined Saturn as your ruling planet, solitude is well within your comfort zone. On the flip side, your hyper-independence means you may struggle to relax and have fun on your own. For your solo date, consider treating yourself to a staycation or spa day in your city. As an uber-practical Earth sign, you’ll unwind more easily in a setting free from the distractions of everyday life.

Aquarius: Go to a drag or burlesque show

You love anything out of the ordinary, and as an Air sign, you thrive in social settings. Why not take yourself out on the town to see some live drag or burlesque? Both art forms are inherently a bit provocative, which will resonate with your inner rebel. Plus, Aquarius is a fixed sign, so you have the patience to wait out a sultry striptease or gag-worthy reveal. Just don’t forget your tipping dollars!

Pisces: Get out into nature

As a mutable Water sign, you also possess a deep capacity for emotions, but the fast-paced, distraction-riddled world can scatter your energy and attention. Reset your mind and body with a solo sojourn into the natural world. This can be as simple as a walk through your local park or as elaborate as a weekend beach getaway. Either way, you’ll emerge feeling rested and creatively inspired by nature’s beauty, so take your time.


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