The 6 Most Game-Changing, Viral Cleaning Products of 2022



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TikTok is more than just a way to fill a small (okay, large) void of time by watching funny videos and silly dance routines. Over the past couple of years, the social media platform has also become a go-to source for some of the internet’s very best hacks — including seriously good cleaning tips.

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Explore the #CleanTok hashtag and you’ll find mesmerizing before and afters, as well as well-reviewed tricks that’ll transform your cleaning routine. If you need a crash course, here’s a look at six of the products that went viral this year, including corresponding videos that show exactly why they’re so popular. 

Perhaps the single most popular cleaning product online, the Pink Stuff may have a saccharine-sweet color, but it’s also an incredibly powerful stain buster. In videos, the product — which has earned more than 111,000 five-star reviews on Amazon — almost instantly removes years’ worth of burnt food, grime, and grease from cookware, stoves, counters, ovens, and other surfaces. 

You’ve probably heard of Shark Tank’s famous Scrub Daddy, but there’s another member of the family getting some attention these days: Scrub Mommy. This stand-out has a dual-sided design that combines a scrubber and sponge. Use the scrubber to tackle the toughest messes — grease-stained pots, for example — and use the sponge for everyday tasks like wiping down counters. 

It’s no surprise that Scrub Daddy’s Damp Duster rarely stays in stock. It has a unique contoured design that can get into all kinds of nooks and crannies, like the top of baseboards and between blinds. All you have to do is moisten it with a little water, swipe it over the affected areas, and prepare to be amazed. 

Sure, this refillable wand from Scotch-Brite may help you do the dishes, but thanks to the power of TikTok, we all know how useful it is in the bathroom, too. Whether you’re scrubbing a porcelain sink or tub or descaling tiles, this brush gets things sparkling clean — and all you need is regular dish soap, no harsh chemical cleaners. 

Bissell Little Green Cleaner

Even our own product testers have experienced the magic of the Bissell Little Green Cleaner. The small upholstery cleaner functions a lot like a wet vacuum. It spits out water to moisten the fabric (carpet or furniture), and then the nozzle sucks up that water and all kinds of dirt in its wake — even set-in pet messes. For bigger messes, the dirty water tank may be truly disgusting to look at, but it sure is satisfying. 

There’s nothing new about the Bar Keeper’s Friend, which comes in both powdered and gel-based forms — it’s been around since 1882. But there’s a new crop of people enjoying its impressive cleaning prowess, thanks to viral videos showing the product removing years of grime from bathtubs, burnt-on food from pots and pans, limescale from shower doors, and even rust from antique hardware. 


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