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Temper was founded in Brianza near Milan – an area intrinsically linked to the genesis and continuous evolution of Italian design – as a contemporary design brand specialised in the artisan production of metal furnishings and accessories. Metal profile sections, hollow sections and sheets are worked with the skill typical of extensive experience of light structural metalworking to transform them into furnishings of original beauty, composed of accentuated volumes and featuring references to brutalism.


At the same time, the use of pure geometries and classical proportions means each object conveys a balanced and timeless elegance. Objects at the boundary of the unique piece and limited edition, Temper’s products are made entirely by hand, thanks to an artisanal knowledge which encloses the strength of metal in new forms.


The team
Temper’s origins lie in the desire to transform a wealth of expertise in metalworking into high-design objects, featuring strong and consistent design thinking which is able to provide a new sense to the craftsman’s work, in view of the new contemporary scenarios. A precise idea, created by the fortuitous coming together of Eleonora Aguzzi, the brand’s founder; Omar Sporzon, co-founder and lead design craftsman; and Alessandro De Vecchi, who holds the role of artistic director. It is a family story, which mixes and unites design thinking and artisan production: different and contemporary visions, enhanced by the transformational and joint dimension of the design.


Metallic Etymology
A young brand which has chosen a strong identity, the concept behind Temper comes from the Latin word tempĕrātĭo, which indicates balance and proportionality of component parts, and at the same time suggests the idea of the union of two elements after a process of synthesis, like alloying of metals. The origins are the same for Temper’s association, born of the comparison between the raw material and the artisan’s and designer’s knowledge, to develop a new point of view on design. The ancient reference is brought up to date through contemporary artisan methods, maintaining harmony between the components and balanced proportions as the guiding principle.


Highly artisanal industrial approach
The extraordinary design experimentation offered by metal represents the foundations of Temper’s collections. Profile and hollow sections, and other metal stock of different shapes and sizes are selected and cut on the basis of the project’s technical design before being welded together: special custom jigs are used to ensure that all components come together perfectly in the assembly process. The items created are subsequently cleaned and powder coated. From the choice of the raw materials to the finishing, each process is guided by the dialogue between the designer and the craftsman involved in the process of transforming the industrial metal stock parts into perfectly finished, unique pieces. As well as being modular, the furniture offers a high level of customisation, with the possibility to create personalised, high-level architectural structures and elements for customers, whether they be private individuals, architectural practices or brands.


From the point of view of sustainability
Adopting solutions designed to ensure the environmental sustainability of the company’s operations is an extremely important aspect for Temper’s team. A principle which translates first and foremost into avoiding material wastage by reusing the scraps created when the metal is cut up in order to create new products, and making use of powder coating which allows the overspray in powder form to be recovered from the booth and reused, preventing atmospheric pollution.

MONO collection
MONO collection is the first range of furniture designed and created by the brand. The primary reference is to the concept of uniqueness which underlies Temper’s concept: products designed for small production runs, with the peculiarity ingrained through the artisanal process turning them into unique and unrepeatable objects.
Like steel monoliths, the components of the collection feature sculptural aesthetics with consistent and accentuated aesthetics. Apparently simple pieces – whose complexity is hidden by the manufacturing precision – where little is granted to decoration are totemic objects which emanate a charismatic presence able to insert itself in a harmonious yet contrasting style in any contemporary interior context.
Mild steel is the material which takes a leading role in Temper’s first range of furnishings, where the raw material deliberately carries traces of its industrial origins, even after the transformation phases, as the signs of the machining, the physical weld connections and the vibrant discontinuities of the ground parts remain visible.
All the pieces, which are completely customisable in terms of dimensions, are available in pickled and black iron finishes, while the surface of each table is covered in Fenix – a high-tech surface which is matt yet soft to the touch – completing the formal refinement of Temper’s offering. Part of the first collection, the series of objects selected below are perfect examples of the high level of craftsmanship in the assembly and processing of metals.


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