Target Is Selling a Mini Version Of Their Shopping Cart—And It’s So Adorable



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Why should adults get to experience all the fun of shopping at Target when kids can too?

Target is selling a miniature version of their iconic red shopping carts so that children can do the groceries right alongside their parents. The mini carts, priced at $19.99, feature the red and gray colors with black wheels, the bullseye logo, and even a cup holder with its own Target-branded hot coffee cup.

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There’s also a child seat for dolls and action figures, so kids can pretend to be a stressed-out mom or dad who has to manage their little ones while trying to get errands done.

The cart, which stands at 18 inches and is best for children ages three and up, doesn’t require assembly and comes with various toy products like fruits and veggies, bread, and milk, to name a few. The design also has a pink version.

Unfortunately, the mini carts have been selling out fast. A post on Instagram by @targetgems earlier this week announced that the item has been restocked, only for the content creator to give an update on the same day that it’s already sold out. Sheesh.

“They really should invest in mass production with this one,” said one commenter. Another noted how there are carts available in other places, but prices have tripled or more. “I had to get one on Amazon for 40! I saw one for 120, people are crazy.”

Still, it’s so cute that it might be worth checking out every Target store in your city (or entire state) for available stocks. Good luck!


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