Spotify vs. Apple Music: A Full Breakdown



The modern music streaming landscape is dominated by Apple Music and Spotify. The two streaming services are essentially neck and neck with one another in many of the features offered by each platform, and it can make it hard for a user to choose. The Apple Music market will seem slightly smaller off the bat because it is weaved into and integrated with the rest of the Apple family suite. This means it’s automatically going to be the preference of many Apple iPhone users, iMac users, and owners of Apple laptops. That said, the loyalty that Apple sees from its consumers is equally matched with the customizability that Android boasts for its users. Because Apple Music is specific to the Apple operating system, it’s also a lot easier to get Spotify on Android phones, and there’s nothing stopping Apple users from downloading a perfectly compatible Spotify app for the iPhone, either.

With these two powerhouse music streaming services vying for every listen that’s available and wanting every aspiring artist to know how to upload music to Spotify and Apple music on the market, it seems more than appropriate to put these two behemoths head to head to see which of the two truly is the better all-around music streaming service.

Sound Quality

Let’s talk about sound quality for a second. There are two distinct types of music listeners in the world. There are casual listeners, and there are audiophiles. Audiophiles are a unique group of music listeners who appreciate sound in a way that words may fail to describe. These are people who spend innate amounts of money building their own specially crafted speakers and truly care about the sound of the music they enjoy.

For audiophiles, Apple Music is almost undoubtedly the better option of the two streaming services. This is because of the incredibly high-quality playback that Apple Music offers to its listeners at no extra cost.

This is important to note because of the fact that Spotify promised earlier this year a new paid feature they’d be rolling out called Spotify HiFi. Spotify HiFi was supposed to offer listeners a higher-quality listening experience by providing them with CD-quality sound. However, this has yet to come to fruition.

Meanwhile, Apple Music boasts to its users the ability to offer them a 24bit / 192kHz streaming experience which is fantastic.

Content Available

When it comes to the actual content available, Spotify takes a win in its column. Spotify has well over 8 million music tracks available and also a wide breadth of podcasts and audiobooks. This makes Spotify stand out in the crowd of music streaming services, as it truly offers listeners a comprehensive listening experience no matter what their interests.

Apple Music’s library is far from incomplete and still boasts over 6 million tracks, which is plenty for most users. However, if it’s podcasts or audiobooks you’re looking for, look elsewhere. Apple offers their users podcasts and audiobooks through other means, but they aren’t included in the Apple Music app.

The Recommendation Feature

The recommendation feature is another category that Spotify excels in. In fact, the recommendation and new music playlists that Spotify offers users might just be the flagship feature of the music streaming service.

Spotify’s ability to customize and curate various playlists and track compilations based on your listening history and habits is unparalleled in the music streaming industry. This feature will theoretically only get better, too, as Spotify continues to expand its repertoire of artists, new music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

The Pricing

The pricing is almost identical between the two streaming services and, therefore, can be seen as neutral or a wash.

However, if there were to be a tie-breaker, Spotify might just win again, seeing as they offer users a free version of the application with slightly limited features. However, for many users, the ads are well worth the free access to their music (as long as they have an internet connection).

Apple Music for Apple Devices

As mentioned above, Apple Music is designed to be a part of the Apple family suite. This means it’s best used with iPhones and other Apple devices and isn’t available to Android users. Because of this limitation, Spotify also gains an advantage in overall users because both Apple users and Android users can access the platform.

While the Apple brand isn’t going anywhere, it does boast far fewer users globally than Android does, once again giving Spotify a leg up on Apple Music.

Wrapping Up

Spotify and Apple music are two of the largest music streaming services in the industry. Whether you’re strictly a listener or you’re an aspiring artist working on getting your music in front of an audience, understanding the ins and outs of these two markets can help you decide which is best for you.


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