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Austin sees an increase in population and a housing boom. But unfortunately, the greatest places to live in Austin are increasingly out of reach for young families and couples due to rising housing costs.

The average property in Austin is 2,299 square feet in size, with a median list price of $489,000 and a typical cost per square foot of $221.

Condos and homes frequently receive many bids and sell for more than the asking price.

Among the top 100 metro areas in the nation, Forbes ranked Austin with the strongest economic growth.

In this article, we shall help you find the best place to live in Austin and share some tips to find the perfect home. So keep reading!

How To Find Your Dream Home In Austin?

In one of the many distinct communities in the Austin region, you may locate a fantastic house or rental with a real estate expert and a little research.

You must be at the top of your game to get the desired location because most properties sell within a few days of being listed.

Follow the tips given below to find your dream home in Austin:

Find The Best Areas To Live In

Though it’s not all terrible news if your budget is limited, going a little further north, south or east can still get you a good price even if you can’t find a move-in-ready property in one of Austin’s most upscale neighborhoods and finding homes for sale in Senna Hills:

  • Montopolis– The quickly growing high-rise neighborhood on the Colorado River’s southeast bank lies just east of Montopolis. Riverside will have to be your major route to downtown and I-35 (or 183 if you’re traveling up north for business).

Expect home prices to start in the $100K range for a fixer-upper and to reach $350K+ for new construction.

  • McKinney Falls and Onion Creek– Due to its unfavorable location, lack of facilities, and subpar educational systems, this region of Austin is one of the most underappreciated ones.

This is something to think about if you work from home or are okay with waiting in traffic to get somewhere. Most of the houses are older foreclosures, although some recent constructions and renovations have also occurred.

  • East of Airport– Prices are slightly more affordable below MLK and east of Airport Blvd. Nevertheless, you should budget at least $350,000 to $400,000 for a newly constructed or flipped house.

If you’re fortunate, you can get a decent teardown deal on a foreclosure or property at auction for less than $150,000. But be prepared to move quickly.

  • Pflugerville– In the northeastern part of Austin, a suburb called Pflugerville is expanding quickly. The average property in Pflugerville is 2,455 square feet in size, with a median list price of $294,664 and a price per square foot of $123.

This is a terrific investment spot if you can handle the I-35 commute or figure out a flex-time/telecommuting arrangement. In East Austin, the cost of a new home is comparable to that of a teardown.

Find An Agent Who Can Truly Help

You need a real estate agent that can assist you in finding the ideal house in Austin, Texas if you’re seeking to purchase or sell one.

To be the first to learn about suitable homes, a professional Realtor should have strong contacts and in-depth knowledge of the Austin real estate market.

Find a single-family house specialist if you’re selling a single-family home. The Texas Real Estate Commission issues licenses to many agents in Texas (TREC).

Some people join the National Association of Realtors, which enables them to use the term “realtor” instead of merely “real estate agent.” Texas real estate brokers must have more experience than real estate agents.

Negotiate For The Best Price

An expert real estate agent can assist you in drafting an initial competitive offer that is manageable.

Be ready for many offers, especially in the spring and summer, which are the busiest months for property purchases.

A local agent can help you create an offer that stands out from the competition, so it’s crucial to have one on your side.

Make your best offer first if you’re looking for a home or apartment in Austin, Texas. You risk losing the property to someone making a cash offer even if you offer the asking amount.

If the location appeals to you, you may even send a sincere, personal letter that can influence the decision in your favor.

Prepare Your Funds

Knowing your actual affordability and/or willingness to spend for a home is crucial if you’re planning to purchase one.

Meeting with a mortgage lender is beneficial since they can determine the type of loan you are eligible for. When you make an offer on a home, the pre-approval letter from the lender will be helpful.

A loan officer will assess your finances, do a credit check, and examine your debt to determine how much house you can buy.

This is known as mortgage pre-approval. It’s crucial since\\ you’ll be aware of your house-buying budget in advance, preventing you from falling in love with a residence you can’t afford.

The seller will know you have the money to buy the house if you have a pre-approved mortgage.


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