Rupert Grint Built His Daughter a Mini Target, and It’s So Cute



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Target is beloved by so many shoppers, and apparently, there’s an unexpected fan to add to this crowd: Rupert Grint’s two-year-old daughter.

In a sweet interview on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Ron Weasley himself shared that his little one, Wednesday G., is “obsessed” with the stateside store.

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“She’d choose [Target] over going to the park, the zoo,” Grint told Jimmy Fallon in the now-viral conversation. “But she loves going to different Targets, and kind of seeing how the layout is slightly different.”

He went on to humorously explain that sometimes she doesn’t buy anything and just loves browsing through the aisles. Who can blame her?

To give his daughter the full Target experience at home, Grint said that he built her a tiny version. It’s complete with products, gift cards, and the red-and-white logo — of course — giving the real Target checkout a run for its money. “I’ve definitely captured the essence,” he said.

It’s a good thing that this mini Target is the perfect replica, too, since Grint and his family live in the U.K., where Target isn’t available.

“It was one of the most difficult conversations telling her that she lives in a country that doesn’t have Target,” the “Sick Note” actor explained. “We don’t have it. I’ve shown her our, kind of, equivalent, but it just doesn’t…”

“I kinda love the idea that Rupert Grint’s toddler daughter would be the reason Target expanded to the UK,” one viewer wrote in the TikTok comments.

Target, consider this your official chance to go global.


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