Making Your Home Solar Ready in 2023 – What You Need to Know?



Today, many homeowners are embracing solar to save on their monthly energy bills and do their part in contributing to the green movement. That’s why people are adopting hybrid systems to include solar power with grid energy to power their residential villas or homes throughout the year. Then, it would help if you made your home solar-ready.

According to an article published in Forbes, if your roof is south-facing, you can benefit the most from such a home. Then, if a tall building or tree obstructs your roof, you need to set up solar panels strategically to harness maximum renewable energy from the sun.

Do a Solar Audit

Every house has a different size and has varied energy needs. If you’re planning to go solar in 2023, understand how much power your home will need and the probable solutions to meet such requirements. It’s no use trying to install solar panels on a roof without adequate space to set up sufficient meetings to power your home.

That’s why you need to do a solar audit to determine available incentives, possible savings on power bills, and how much solar energy the photovoltaic system can produce. A solar audit will help you design a house or roof to reap the maximum benefits of solar energy. Get a solar audit done by a professional installer for correct roof evaluation, savings on electricity bills, and the amount of renewable energy generated.

Roof Angle and Direction

You need to set up solar panels to receive maximum solar energy. Therefore, you need to install panels at the precise roof angle for maximum energy absorption from the sun. You can consult a solar expert regarding roof angle from Premier Improvements Solar, serving all of Connecticut. The grade will depend on the area you live. For the majority of homes, a 40-degree level is considered ideal. If not sure, never install solar panels without consulting a professional for the perfect roof angle.

Then, some homes are constructed in a way so getting the right roof direction facing the sun isn’t simple. You can choose a direct 180-degree angle that faces the south for maximum solar panel effectiveness. If that’s not possible, consult with an installer to set up the panels close to the south.

Get Rid of Obstacles

Before constructing your home, eliminate all possible obstructions that impede solar power generation. These obstacles are chimneys, satellites, or other barriers. You need to install these components away from the solar panels, so they don’t obstruct. You need to provide more space for installing the required panels for maximum renewable energy generation. One way is bundling all the obstacles close to the roof’s edge. The idea is to set up solar panels strategically on your top to avoid obstructions.


Remember these points to make your home roof solar-ready this year. Install panels intelligently to harness maximum energy from the sun.


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